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Our 22 public boat launches offer a variety of opportunities for every type of watercraft from canoes to motorboats to paddleboards. Please remember that Lake Roosevelt is an active reservoir. Seasonal fluctuations regularly affect lake levels and access to boat launch facilities.

Check the current lake levels or call the Bureau of Reclamation at (800) 824-4916 before you visit. Minimum boat launch elevations at Lake Roosevelt are listed below.

Before launching, inspect your boat for Aquatic Invasive Species and fill out the AIS self-certification form. When you take-out your boat, inspect if for any plants and make sure to clean, drain, and dry your boat.

Boat Launch Permits

Boat launch permits are required year-round at all boat launches in the recreation area. Visitors can purchase a weekly pass, good for seven consecutive days or an annual pass, good through December 31st of the year printed on the pass. Either can be purchased on before entering the park. Annual boat launch passes can be purchased in-person. Visit Fees and Passes for more information

When accessing the lake from lands adjacent to or on the reservation shoreline, please contact the tribes to determine where access is allowed and what additional fees are required:

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Minimum Boat Launch Lake Elevations

Lake Roosevelt is a reservoir so lake levels can fluctuate within a matter of hours. Check the current lake levels or call the Bureau of Reclamation at (800) 824-4916.

Boating Regulations

Boaters at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area must follow the Code of Federal Regulations, Washington State boating regulations and regulations in the Park Compendium.

Required Equipment Registration

To navigate, operate, employ, or moor your vessel in Washington, you must have a Washington title, registration card, and registration decals, except when your vessel is:

The registration card (the cutout portion of the Vessel Registration Certificate) must be onboard whenever you use your vessel.

Vessel Mooring

Recreate Responsibly Understand Propeller Danger!

A typical 3-blade propeller running at 3200-rpm can inflict 160 impacts in 1 second. An average recreational propeller can travel head-to-toe on a person in 1/10th of a second.

What can you do to stay safe? Know Before You Go

Last updated: August 23, 2023

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