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For this triangles worksheet, 10th graders solve and complete 22 different problems related to various types of triangles. First, they name the shortest and longest sides and the smallest and largest angles in each of triangles…

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Perimeter of Triangle Worksheet

In this perimeter instructional activity, students find the perimeter of given triangles. This two-page instructional activity contains 6 problems. Answers are provided on the last page.

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Right Triangles

For this right triangles worksheet, students solve and complete 2 different types of problems. First, they take the case of an isosceles right triangle with a given leg and hypotenuse. Then, students find the sum of the squares of the…

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Study Buddies: Classifying Triangles

In this math worksheet, students analyze an informative chart about the measurement and angles of equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles. Students then answer 5 questions about classifying triangles.

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Triangle Designs

In this triangles worksheet, students draw different triangles and write how many sides and angles each one has. Students draw 4 kinds of triangles and have 2 that are impossible to draw.

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In this triangles worksheet, 4th graders study the lengths that are stated for 3 triangles and describe each triangle by its sides. Students describe 3 additional triangles by their angles.

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Classify Triangles

Here is a classifying triangles practice worksheet in which learners sharpen their problem solving skills as they solve six story problems.

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Angle Sum Property of Triangles

All triangles have some things in common. Using these properties of triangles, learners find missing angle measures. Scholars use the Angle Sum Property and properties of special triangles throughout the lesson.

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Perimetr of Isosceles Triangle

In this geometry worksheet, students calculate the perimeter of isosceles triangles given the sides of the triangles. There are 6 questions with an answer key.

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Easy Worksheet: Classify the Triangle

In this classify the triangle worksheet, students solve 6 short answer problems. Students identify the type of triangle being described according to its angle measures and side lengths.


Rods and Triangles

Scholars explore triangles with rods of different lengths. Using rods of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 cm class members build as many different types of triangles as they can. They also describe properties of these triangles and determine…

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Triangle worksheets

In this geometry worksheet, 10th graders explore triangle properties, including the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle, the triangle inequalities, properties of isosceles triangles, properties of congruent triangles, and…

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Classifying Triangles

Building on young mathematicians’ prior knowledge of three-sided shapes, this lesson series explores the defining characteristics of different types of triangles. Starting with a shared reading of the children’s book The Greedy Triangle,…

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The Sum of Angles in a Triangle

An informative lesson contains a brief explanation of how the sum of the angles of a triangle is a line. The lesson continues with determining the missing angle in a triangle, or solving for a variable. Using the sum of the angles, the…

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Special Right Triangles and Right Triangle Trigonometry

Right triangles are so special! Use special right triangles to discover the trigonometric ratios. Pairs construct special right triangles and find the values of the ratios of the sides. In the process, they discover the ratios stay the…

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Isosceles Right Triangle

In this isosceles right triangle worksheet, 10th graders solve and complete 5 different constructions of composition and decomposition. First, they make 4 congruent isosceles triangles with the model on the left. Then, students create…

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Finding the Angle Measurements in Isosceles Triangles

In this angles worksheet, 9th graders find the angle measurements in four isosceles triangles. Two of these triangles are drawn inside a circle, where two of the sides of the triangles are formed by radii.

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Triangles and Congruence

Can your class construct triangles and determine congruence? Find out with this well put together worksheet. THey construct triangles to given specifications and identify if they are congruent. There are 3 muti-step problems to solve.

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Triangles and Quadrilaterals

In this triangles and quadrilaterals worksheet, 10th graders solve 6 different problems related to using triangles and quadrilaterals in informal geometry. They determine how many lines of symmetry an equilateral triangle and an…

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In this triangle worksheet, students observe pictures of triangles. They name the triangles according to the length of their sides. Twelve right, equilateral and isosceles triangles are provided for identification on this one-page…

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Classifying Triangles

In this classifying triangles instructional activity, students explore given lengths or angle measurements and then classify each triangle as isosceles, scalene or equilateral. They also determine if the triangle may be right, acute or…

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Circles in Triangles

Challenge the class with inscribed circles in triangles. The assessment task requests class members use their knowledge of circles and right triangles to prove two triangles are congruent. They go on to utilize their knowledge of…

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Triangles: Angle Space

Three angles in a triangle, three-dimensional space, it all seems connected somehow. Given several different triangles, pupils use the three angles of the triangle as coordinates to plot points in three-dimensional space. They explore…

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Congruent Triangles Applications

Triangles are all about threes, and practicing proving postulates is a great way to get started. The first page of the worksheet provides a brief introduction of the different properties and postulates. The remaining pages contain…

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