Are you a student who wants to know ‘is a good 1350 SAT score?’ Then this article is for you. Although there are various parameters for evaluating an admission application, SAT is important. In addition, all the extremely selective colleges have very high average SAT. Therefore, if you want to get into any of these colleges, you need to be aware of important factors for admission.

What is the SAT Score, and How is it Calculated?

SAT is a standardized test conducted to check students’ knowledge and learning before college application. There are two main sections of this test, namely


  • Evidence-based reading and writing
  • Math

It is a multiple-choice question based test and is conducted in offline mode. The SAT exam pattern is as follows:

Section Total time provided Total number of questions Full marks
Math 88 minutes 58 800
Evidence based reading and writing (65+35) = 100 minutes 96 800

For each correct answer, an SAT taker gets one mark. There is no negative marking for wrong or unattempted questions. Thus, the raw score of a candidate is calculated on the number of correct answers. Then, the raw marks are further converted into scaled marks through equating. Finally, equating converts the raw scores according to the difficulty level of questions.


Afterward, to get the section score of evidence-based writing and reading, the test score is multiplied by 10. On the other hand, the section score of the Math test is multiplied by 20. The total section score of Math and evidence-based reading and writing gives the SAT score.

What Does it Mean to have a 1350 SAT Score?

Students who achieve a 1350 SAT score often want to know is 1350 a good SAT score? Your SAT score includes scores of both the sections of SAT, i.e., Math and evidence-based reading-writing.


The answer to the question- ‘is 1350 a good score?’ lies with the college you want to apply to. Different colleges have their average SAT score requirements. Generally, the most competitive colleges have a higher average SAT score.

However, the national average SAT score is around 1051. This means that any SAT score higher than 1051 is considered optimum for getting admission in most colleges. Thus, as per the national average SAT score, the answer to your question – ‘is 1350 a good score?’ would be a very good score. Still, you need to search for the average SAT score of the colleges in your priority list to get a better idea of ‘is 1350 a good SAT score or not’.


Importance of SAT Score in the Admission Application

Universities consider your SAT score one of the most important factors while reviewing admission applications. Applicants who submit their SAT scores greatly benefit their competitors who don’t consider submitting them.

There are Two Primary Reasons Why SAT Score is so Important for College Admission:

  • Applicants to a college come from different schools and have taken different courses, participated in extracurricular activities, etc. The SAT score provides a common base for comparing all the applicants.

The SAT score of an applicant also reveals the accuracy of the school transcript and GPA. On many occasions, the SAT score of applicants helps the admission officers in determining if you are competent enough for the college or not.


Moreover, a high SAT score can make up for the low GPA of an applicant. For example, suppose the applicant has a perfect 1600 SAT score with a 3.1 GPA. In that case, the admission committee might ignore your GPA and judge your application according to the SAT score.

  • The SAT score is also crucial in determining the rank of a university. If you have a 1350 SAT score and get admitted to a university, your score will be recorded in their SAT statistics. Every year the universities release the data of all the admitted students. According to this data, the public determines the competitiveness of the school. The higher the average score, the more competitive that school is perceived.

As the national average SAT is estimated at around 1051, students who want to know- ‘is 1350 a good SAT score?’, can rest assured that it is a great score. With a 1350 SAT score in your application, you can get admission to some of the most selective colleges.


What is a 1350 SAT Score Percentile?

According to the term, an SAT percentile facilitates the comparison of students according to their SAT scores. For example, suppose you have secured 1000 SAT scores in both sections of the SAT. This score is calculated as 50 percentile. You have done better than 50% of the SAT test-takers.

Similarly, if the SAT percentile is 80, the candidate is under the top 80% of the SAT test-takers. Therefore students who want to know ‘is 1350 a good SAT score?’ should first figure out the 1350 SAT score percentile.


The Following Table Provides a Better Understanding of your Question ‘is 1350 a good SAT score’ by Demonstrating the 1350 SAT Score Percentile.

SAT score Vs. SAT percentile score

SAT Score SAT Percentile
1600 Above 99%
1550 99%
1510 99%
1450 98%
1400 95%
1350 90%
1230 80%
1170 71%
1110 61%
1060 51%
1000 40%
950 31%
890 21%
810 11%
750 5%
680 Below 1%

The above table shows that a 1350 SAT score percentile puts students in the top 90% of the test takers. This is an excellent score. Most selective universities have their average SAT at this score. Thus, if you think, ‘is 1350 a good SAT score‘, you would be happy to know that this score can help you earn an edge among your competitors.

Is 1350 a Good SAT Score for Admission to Most Selective Colleges?

There are multiple with average SAT scores at or below 1350. Students who have a 1350 SAT score can successfully pass the admission process in these colleges. Moreover, a high SAT score can compensate for a low GPA.

However, some extremely selective colleges have their average SAT score above 1350. Thus, applicants need to have a high GPA and ACT scores to secure a seat in these colleges.

Steps to Improve your SAT Score

The answer to your question, ‘is 1350 a good SAT score?’, lies in the list of your preferred colleges. Suppose the colleges you want to attend have their average SAT above 1350. In that case, it will be better to improve your grades before starting the application process.

For improving your SAT score, you can do the following:

  • You should prepare more efficiently and take a re-test. Following a proper study plan can be very beneficial for achieving your target without getting distracted. For this, you can seek help from your tutor.
  • Consider superscoring your SAT results. Many colleges accept the best scores of each section from all the tests taken by you.
  • Keep yourself motivated throughout the preparation because sometimes it gets tough to follow a routine.

Highly Selective Colleges for Applicants with a 1350 SAT Score

Although an SAT score of 1350 is way higher than the national average, there are some colleges where students can find tough competitions for admission. Some of the extremely competitive colleges are:

University Location Average SAT Average ACT
University of Michigan Ann Arbor 1435 33
Boston College Chestnut Hill 1420 33
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy 1409 31
New York University New York 1440 32
Emory University Altana 1435 33
Boston University Boston 1420 32
Villanova University Villanova 1395 33

Moderately Selective Colleges for Applicants with a 1350 SAT Score

Numerous colleges have an average SAT score of around 1350. If you are an applicant with SAT score of 1350, you will have a great chance of securing a seat in the following colleges:

University Location Average SAT Average ACT
University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara 1355 29
University of Texas at Dallas Richardson 1350 30
Stony Brook University Stony Brook 1335 29
Lehigh University Betlehem 1365 31
University of Texas at Austin Austin 1355 30
University of Washington Seattle 1340 30
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo 1335 29

Safe Colleges for Applicants with a 1350 SAT Score

Applicants with a 1350 SAT score are highly competitive for the following colleges:

University Location Average SAT Average ACT
University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst 1290 29
Syracuse University Syracuse 1275 28
Penn State University Park University Park 1265 28
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester 1300 30
Drexel University Philadelphia 1290 28
United States Military Academy West Point 1270 28
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati 1265 27

Final Thought:

We hope that you have got a better idea about the competitiveness of a 1350 SAT score. If you have time in your hands, you must take a re-test to improve your grades for extremely competitive universities. However, there are many top-ranked colleges where you can secure a seat with a 1350 SAT score.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 1350 SAT score good?

Ans) It depends on the university you want to go to. The average SAT score requirements vary by college. Around 1051 is the average SAT score across the country. This indicates that the ideal SAT score for admission to the majority of universities is 1051 or higher.

2. Which highly selective institutions accept applicants with SAT scores of 1350?

  • University of Michigan
  • Boston College
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • New York University
  • Emory University
  • Boston University
  • Villanova University

1350 sat score


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