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  • Developer: Cm Games
  • Publisher: Cm Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Release: Jul 20, 2020
  • Platform: PC
  • ESRB: Not Set

Beginner Pro Tips

Greetings my fellow Stalkers, please take some helpful tips with you on your adventure.

Set difficulty to realistic and change these settings Stalker:

Into The Radius VR: 2.0 Missions Walkthrough

Weapon Breakdown: Highly Reduced.
– Leave the TP at home.

Random anomalies rate: Normal.
– There still are anomaly mazes just not an annoying amount.

Item sell price and missions rewards: Normal.
– This is just a personal preference to reduce the grind.

You Stupid Stalker:

  • Buy a headlamp ASAP.
  • Create an efficient mission route so at least 2-3 missions can be done in a single run.
  • Learn how to read a map, North always points towards the radius. You must be able to use
  • landmarks to triangulate your position.
  • Real Stalkers don’t put their guns on safety.
  • Don’t know if the safety is on?
  • Pull the trigger on red and they’re dead.
  • Put cigarette smoke in your lung’s Stalker.
  • Bullet ricochets hurt.
  • Do get rid of the PM right away! Ptui, I spit on the tiny mag.
  • Leave at 6 for a full day and check when the next tide will occur.
  • There are goods hidden around the base, find them.
  • Try only to use the machine at the base to heal yourself, much cheaper than regen or syringe.
  • A periodic save in the zone may help you from repeating a 15-minute jog.
  • Sell all artifacts and science equipment.
  • Don’t forget to repair your equipment including armor, magazines, and silencers.

Only a filthy Bandit:

  • Save Scums.
  • Keeps their backpack unorganized.
  • Does not smoke cigs.

The Zone, Stalker:

  • The fog eats time, but when traveling along a path, time doesn’t pass.
  • You can enter the fog at any location, and you will teleport around the map. Sometimes the fog
  • can make a long run home very short.
  • Do not run-down hills you clumsy Stalker.
  • The tide won’t hurt you but will teleport you, revive all enemies, and replenish all loot.
  • Items you leave in the zone will stay in the zone, and they will persist after the tide.

Into The Radius VR: Hidden Weapon Locations

An Experienced Stalker:

  • Uses creative free climbing to get to the best stashes.
  • Practices in the firing range until their weapon handling skills are proficient.
  • Uses hold to grip; it may take time to get used to but using equipment is snappier and prone to
  • fewer fumbles.
  • Keeps their primary full of AP rounds and secondary full of FMJ.
  • Does not need to slay every creature; a quick run and grab could be a more viable solution
  • Considers the odds of finding a weapon in the zone. Ammo, attachments, and magazines may
  • be a wiser purchase.
  • If engaged with multiples, they reload with a couple of bullets left to reduce fumbles in the
  • thick.
  • Tops off their magazines after firefights.
  • Has no shame in aborting a mission.
  • Stabs fragments while smoking a cig.
  • Knows the enemies are creatures of pattern and learns the attack patterns and weak spots to
  • cut through them like dogs.
  • Navigates anomaly mazes to secure artifacts.

Invests in yourself, Stalker:

  • Going in with good equipment will help you come out with better loot.

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