One of the best driving games out there, Inertial Drift: Twilight Rivals Edition gets a release date for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Best of all, it’s coming later this year.

A twin-stick arcade racer that blends a neon-soaked landscape with Initial D mechanics, this game from PQube is a must for any driving fan who fancies themselves a bit of a drifter.

With a bit of time to tweak the existing features, Inertial Drift: Twilight Rivals Edition comes with a host of new features that include:

  • Challenge The ‘Twilight Rivals’ In An All-New Story Mode – When the ‘Twilight Rivals’ arrive on the scene they quickly establish themselves as the hardest challenge you’ve faced yet.
  • New Performance & Quality Modes! Choose between unrivalled performance at 120 Frames Per Second or Exquisite Quality at a full 4K Resolution.
  • 24 Fiercely Individual Cars – Each vehicle is a totally different beast with unique characteristics to master. Get behind the wheel and try to tame sport hatchbacks, coupes, supercars and more.
  • 14 Demanding Tracks – Tear through neon city streets, race around rural temple complexes and hurtle down winding mountain passes. Mastered each track? Reverse the route and start at the finish line for an all-new experience.
  • Local & Online Multiplayer – Think you’ve mastered the perfect drift? What better way to prove it than going head-to-head with friends both online and locally or testing your best laps with car-specific leaderboards!

Watch the (older) vid here:

Inertial Drift: Twilight Rivals Edition will be heading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X this September, so make a mental note as there’s no wishlist option as this is an essential arcade racer.

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