Individual Student Profile
EL5091 Capstone Experience for Educational Leadership
Benjamin T. Jones
American College of Education

Beginning this Educational Leadership program over two years ago, I truly had no idea
what it took and what it meant to be a school administrator. Over the last seven years of
teaching, I have been fortunate to be guided and led by two great school administration teams.
While working alongside each individual team, I have had the opportunity to grow and learn
valuable lessons and skills, not only improving as a classroom teacher, but also as a future school
leader. My intentions while completing this degree in Educational Leadership are to strive to
become a more complete educator and school leader. I will acquire vital knowledge of what it
takes to be an effective school leader, and this will only be beneficial, as I continue on my
journey to becoming a school administrator.
Even though teachers may have similar philosophies in how they teach, I find that my
own personal teaching philosophy focuses strictly on motivation and encouragement. Research
by Gold (2010) shows that student motivation and engagement in courses is a well-known
problem and challenge in education. In regards to motivation, I feel one of my main objectives
as a teacher and future school administrator is to provide a healthy environment in which
students feel that they will be pushed to perform to the best of their abilities. As a classroom
teacher, I can use this motivational tool to equip my students with the self-confidence they will
need to become successful students and successful individuals in society. As for encouragement,
I believe that teachers and school administrators are in such a position as to play a vital role in
each individual student’s education and personal career. It is the daily encouragement we give
these students that drives their motivations, the determining factor in how hard they are willing
to work and perform in an educational setting.
My first professional goal when beginning this graduate program was to give my best
effort and be open minded while learning to become an educational leader. I believe that while

participating in this program it was crucial for me to be willing to learn and grow in how to
become a leader from people that have experienced success in this field. Throughout this
experience, there have been times when I found myself tempted to take the short road and not
give my best, but I always kept in mind that being a leader of a school will not always be easy. I
will apply this goal when becoming a school leader, because if I am going to ask the teachers and
students of the school to give their best efforts on a day to day basis, then I must set this example
as the building administrator.
Also, as a school leader, I will need to keep an open mind and listen to the other members
of the administration team and the teachers of the school. This will provide me with valuable
information on how to improve the school community and will allow me to take into
consideration what other members of the school’s community are feeling and dealing with
throughout the school year.
My second professional goal was to put the students first for all the decisions I make for
my school. There have been courses throughout this program where I have struggled and had a
difficult time understanding what was wanted/needed for a few of the assignments. However, I
have learned through the interactions with my graduate teachers that they always made time for
my questions and put me first when making decisions on these assignments. I can carry this goal
over to being a school leader. It will challenge me to always stop and consider whether I am
doing what is right and best for the students of the school. I have learned that educational
leaders will be dealt various situations and issues that will require me to make tough decisions,
but I feel that these decisions need to be fair and consistent, placing the well-being of the
students and teachers first.

My third and final professional goal is timeliness and efficiency. As a graduate
professional, it has been important that I complete all of my assignments on time and that my
work be of high quality. This goal has helped me to develop a better sense of time management,
while trying to juggle two jobs and be a graduate student. In a school setting, it is important that
leaders make sure tasks are carried out in a timely manner, while also making sure that these jobs
are performed to the best of an individual’s ability. As a school leader, it is vital that I ask my
teachers and students to be on time to school and for them to put forth their best efforts on a daily
basis. One thing that I have found over the course of this graduate program is that when my time
is managed correctly and assignments are turned in on time, I have put forth my best efforts and
received some of my highest grades. If this goal is carried over to a school setting properly, I
will hopefully motivate the members of the school community to perform at their highest levels.
Upon completion of this Educational Leadership program, I will be faced with a tough
decision, whether to continue to teach within a classroom setting or move into a leadership role,
as a school administrator. No matter what choice I make, I feel confident that I have learned
valuable leadership strategies and skills that have made me a better individual and overall person
working in an educational setting.

Gold, N. (2010), Motivating Students in Software Engineering Group Projects: an Experience
Report, ITALICS, Vol. 9, No 1, pp.10-19.

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