Hi Peter,

Thanks for the gentle nudge 🙂

We looked back at this some more and have some ideas. First, try clicking the Integer button to the right of the Duration input of the animation, when you run the animation.

We think this might speed things up a lot. Here is why… When the value of t is input into the variable ‘Month’, the ‘t’ will be rounded to the nearest index (integer) to find a match, However the calculations are still be performed every time t changes, which happens about 30 times a second. So it is likely performing the needed calculations much more than you really need for this data. However, if ‘t’ is set to an integer the program will only calculate a new frame for the animation when t hits the next integer value.

I will be very curious if that helps!

Also, I tried to get a similar file but when I download from the site I only get one time value in the netCDF that is generated. Are you appending the data or is there a way to get multiple days or months in one netCDF file?

A final thought, if you are happy with the animation, then you may want to go ahead and create the movie to share as an mp4 file. That will run at the speed you specify as it is not performing the calculations anymore. So not a big hit to your CPU.

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