A WOMAN who is five feet six inches and 160 pounds has shared that she put on 40 pounds during a three-year gym journey.

She’s using social media as a platform to show her gains, and her fans are loving the look of her figure.

In a video, Joana (@joanaatoorres) revealed her height and weight to followers and made sure to show off her curvy figure.

She sported melon-colored biker shorts and a black sports bra as she posed for the camera, her glutes, and legs the stars of the show.

“Three years ago I was 120lbs,” she added in her caption.

People in her comments section were in love with the way she looked.

“You look so good!!” one wrote.

“That’s my body goal chica,” said a second.

“Gorgeous,” a third person added.

Previously, another five-foot-six, 160-pound woman shared that she thinks BMIs are outdated and stupid and that people say she has a “dream body.”

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“Reminder the BMI chart is outdated and stupid,” Vampire Mochii (@vampiremochii) wrote in her TikTok video.

She then went on to show off her physique on camera per one of her follower’s requests.

Wearing a long sleeve top and flared pants, the curvy woman spun around to give followers a good view of her.

Her followers met the comments section with loads of compliments, some comparing their bodies to hers.

“Punching the air right now, we have the same stats but NOT the same distribution,” one person wrote.

“NO WAY we have the same body,” another chimed in.

“Same stats and I’m now so jealous,” a third person said.

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