“IBN BATTUTA”, Document-based Task, World History

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“IBN BATTUTA”, Document-based Task, World History

This product is the CRQ for Frameworks topic “6.7 INTERACTIONS ACROSS THE EASTERN HEMISPHERE (ca. 600 C.E. – ca. 1450)”. Specifically, it addresses 6.7a. The documents are primary sources that have been translated down where necessary to a reading level students should be able to access. Prior knowledge required would be the travels of Marco Polo (note that he probably did not exist), Zheng He, and Ibn Battuta.

Product includes these elements:

1. A paper entitled “Developing a Social Studies Grade 6 Constructed Response Assessment” in which I describe in detail the design features of this assessment.

2. Student version of the task. The task consists of two pairs of documents. The first document in each pair will ask students to give historical or geographic context. The second document in each pair calls on students to address the reliability of the source. This is in multiple-choice format. Each pair has a third question that guides students to address a cause-effect relationship, a turning point associated with the documents, of to compare/contrast the documents.

3. Teacher’s edition of the task. This document contains the answers and the complete framework references.

4. The unit plan for my local curriculum for this frameworks topic. My students will do one CRQ in each of 6 topics of study in grade 6.

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