How to Measure your Ring Size at Home

Jewelry is one aspect of life that every woman simply adores. Whether its captivating necklaces or bewitching rings, jewelry is simply an elegant part of the female beauty. With the passing time, getting the most ravishing jewelry has become easier than ever. You can simply order beautiful trinkets online, without even bothering to roam the shops. However, a common problem that ladies face when buying jewelry, especially rings, online is the size chart. How do you know what diameter your fingers are? Nobody wants to get the wrong circumference when it comes to exotic jewelry and enchanting diamond rings. So, how do you do it? To help you out, here we have compiled 3 ways that you can use to find your ring size at home easily.

How to Measure Using Paper strips

The easiest way to go about measuring your ring circumference is by using simple paper strips. All you need is a thin strip of paper, long enough to roll around something as thick as a finger easily and a ruler. Now what you need to do is simple. Just roll the paper strip around your finger, just above the knuckle. This is the widest part of the finger and will decide the precise width that your ring should be. Place a mark where the strip ends and then measure the strip with a ruler. This will give you a measurement that you can compare with an online chart like the one given below easily.

How to Measure Ring Size With String

Another way to measure your ring size is by placing a string around the ring area. You will need a 6 inches long string, a pen and of course, a ruler. Wind the string around your finger and place a mark with the pen where it ends. Make sure the cord is wound just above the knuckles so that the widest part of the finger is measured. This prevents incorrect ring measurements. Simply place it against the ruler and find the measurement. You can then find the ring size by either recording the number immediately next to where it ends or by comparing your measurement with an online chart.

How to Measure Using Existing Rings

Sometimes you may want to gift your lady or your loved one a present without them finding out. In these cases, asking for the ring size will simply give your secret away. A great way to find the it is to take a preexisting ring of hers that you know fits well. Put it on your finger till the point where it refuses to go further. Measure this point on the finger you wish to measure with a string or a paper strip. Mark the place where the string or paper ends and then measure it against a ruler. You can then look up this measurement on a size chart to find the exact circumference of the ring.
Using these methods, you can find out the circumference of your ring easily. Whether you need to get a ring for yourself, or would like to gift a special present to the loved ones in your life, these methods are some of the best ones to easily get the size of a ring. So, online shopping for those glamourous pieces of glittering rings has never been easier. So, why the wait? Order the rings you love, in the perfect size and bewitch those around you.

Ring Sizing Conversion Chart

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