In this article, we will learn to generate random list of phone numbers in Excel.

RANDBETWEEN function stands for Random number between the 2 numbers. To generate a random phone number, follow the steps below.

RANDBETWEEN function returns random numbers between any two numbers.


Bottom : The smaller of the 2 numbers.
Top : The larger of the 2 numbers.

As we know, a phone number has the following conditions:
1. It has 10 digits
2. Cannot start with 0
So the smallest possible number comes out to be 1000000000 and the largest possible number comes out to be 9999999999

So use the formula shown below to generate phone numbers

Use the Formula:

1000000000 : smaller one
9999999999 : larger one
Just enter the formula once and repeat results using the drag down option in excel as shown in the above snapshot.

As you can see, you have generated random phone numbers in seconds. You can use this formula as a random phone number generator.

Notes :

Hope it was explanatory enough and you know now how to generate phone numbers in Excel 2016. Find more articles on mathematical functions here. Please share your query below in the comment box. We will assist you.

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