This tutorial will clear all your doubts about How to Draw a Radius on Google Maps. You will also understand why you need a radius on Google Maps:

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most popular navigation app. Whether you need to find your way somewhere, find the best route, or look for a place nearest to you, you use Google Maps for all your navigational needs.

Google Maps is easy to use and extremely reliable. It has always prevented us from getting lost. Don’t forget, it covers approximately 98% of the Globe.

However, the concern is we miss calculating the mid-distance between two points.

What You Will Learn:

  • Google Maps Radius
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Google Maps Radius

Why Do You Need Radius on Google Maps

Maps are widely used for data visualization. Drawing a radius is one way of analyzing the location data. Service delivery companies can use the Google Map radius tool to set and display the area where they can deliver. They can be used in a personal or professional capacity.

The radius can be helpful in scoping out opportunities for franchising since it can show the areas there are overlaps between them and their competitors. It will also show the areas for new, uncharted locations.

This will also help in calculating drive times between multiple locations. A radius can help you curate drive time polygons which are useful for finding the best route and calculating how many sites you can visit in a limited time. Now, let’s see how to draw a radius on google maps.

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How to Show Radius on Google Maps

Now, let us see how to draw a radius on Maps. Since Google Maps doesn’t support this functionality, you can’t determine the radius around a location. However, you can measure the distance between two or more points.

Alternative Tool

There are third-party tools like CalcMaps and Maps. ie that you can use to draw a radius on Google Maps. Here’s how to use CalcMaps:

  • Go to CalcMaps.
  • Click on Radius.
  • Select Draw a Circle.
  • Now select the area around which you want to draw the radius.
  • Use the drop-down from the Radius KM tab to adjust the size of the radius.
  • Click OK when you are done.

This is how to draw a radius on Google Maps using CalcMaps. works similarly but with less detailed maps. Click on Draw a Circle and use it in the same way.

You might need to create an account for some of the websites and create a map. After entering the relevant information, like the address or location, you will generate the desired radius. Most of these third-party tools can be integrated with Google Maps and allow multiple radii.

Using CirclePlot

The above-mentioned tool can help you find a radius around your area, but not on Google Maps. So, can I draw a radius on Google Maps? Yes, I can.

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google My Maps.
  • Click on Create a new Map.
  • Search the area around which you need the radius.
  • Hit Enter.
  • Click on Add to Map.
  • Now copy the latitude.
  • Open CirclePlot
  • Enter the Latitude.
  • Copy the Longitude from My Maps.
  • Paste it into the Latitude.
  • Set the circle radius of as many radii as you need.
  • Click on Create KML File.
  • Save it on your device.
  • Go to Google Maps.
  • Click on Add Layer.
  • Select Import.
  • Click on the KML file.
  • Select Open.

You will see the radius on your Google Maps.

This is yet another easy way how to draw a radius on Google Maps.

Map Radius Tool Offers

The Google Map radius tool can help you determine the distance between the central location and a specified boundary. You can use the location data for proximity analysis. You can figure out the distance between specific map points or determine the issues within multiple data points.

Make sure the tool you are using matches your needs. For example, in determining the territories and boundaries of the sales team, you will need a tool with multiple radii options. If you want to evaluate your current customer base, you will need a Google Maps radius tool that allows you to set territory guidelines as well.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Google Maps Distance Radius Software

Google Maps offers updated information that is both developed and accurate. Most mapping programs use cloud-based options, connecting through Google Maps and updating in real time. You might need to keep some programs open to make them work while some keep running in the background.

When you are picking a tool, see if it can be integrated and compatible with various devices. Keep in mind how and why you need to draw a radius on a map and who will need access to that information. Does your team need optimized routes and territories to function? Different team members might need separate access on different devices.

Make sure the tool you are using is easy to access and accurate and can run on all operating systems. Consider its overall functionality as well. These tools might offer extensive features, but they all will be worthless if they are not user-friendly.

Determine the Distance Between two Addresses on Google Maps

Now that you know how to draw a radius on Maps, we will tell you how to determine the distance between two addresses on Google Maps.

  • Open Google Maps on your system.
  • Right-click on the starting point.
  • Select the option to measure distance.
  • Now click on the second point to measure the distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) How do I draw a 5 km radius on Google Maps?

Answer: You can use Circle Plot to draw a 5 km radius on Maps. Just enter the latitude and longitude of the location and the radius measurement. Then download the KML file and upload it as a layer on Google Maps.

Q #2) How do you make a radius map?

Answer: There are some alternative tools that allow you to make a radius map.

Q #3) Can I search within a radius on Google Maps?

Answer: Yes, you can. Once you have established a radius on Google Maps, enter the area name in the search bar and hit enter. It will tell you if that area falls under the radius or not.

Q #4) Can I draw a radius on Apple Maps?

Answer: You can use the Radius Around the Point tool to draw a radius on Apple Maps.

Q #5) How do I measure the area on Google Maps on my iPhone?

Answer: Open Google Apps on your iPhone, select a location, and tap on measurements. Add the point where you want to measure the area and tap done.

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From this article, you have learned the various ways to draw a radius on a map.

We have taken you through how to draw a radius on Google Maps and what things you should consider while picking up radius software. You can now use the radius for the data study as needed.

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