How Many Days Have We Been in School? – SMARTboard Fun!

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Are you looking for FUN and EASY ways to keep track of the days in school? As elementary teachers we are always trying to find wall space for pocket charts and posters to track important data.

With this product you great 7 slides to represent the number of days in school in a variety of ways. Whether you want to count on a hundred chart, represent the days with cubes, counters, coins or cookies or simply practice writing the numbers with a smartboard marker, this product has it all.

Interactive, engaging, requiring very little time each day – this product will save you time AND space. Your kids will LOVE the interactive garbage can you can use to clean up your boards each day!

Check out the preview to see a snapshot of the 7 slides.

*BONUS SLIDE* Keep counting the days in school past the original 100. An additional slide has been added so you and the class can continue counting all the days of school until the end of the year. Most schools go 170-180 days but just to make sure, the additional slide will take you up to 200 days of school.

This is a Smartboard file made using Notebook software and as such you need to have a Smartboard to operate it. If you are using a Promethean board or other interactive board, please check with your campus or district technician to see if you can convert the Notebook file. I know people have had success with this but I do not know what programs are needed.

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Have a SUPER school year!

Leigh Majer

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