Nikola Jokic is the ultimate basketball savant on the planet right now. Having just won a Finals MVP, no one can question that he is a true genius when it comes to the game of basketball.

Jokic is known for his elite playmaking above all else, he’s already become the best passing big man in the NBA’s history. And one fan showed an example of his high IQ using one of his plays.

It’s a play from the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, one where Jokic reads the opposition defense early and allows his team to get an easy dunk for Aaron Gordon. His awareness creates the play, leading to an assist without actually passing the ball.

Nikola Jokic does things of this nature regularly, that’s how he averaged 9.8 assists per game last season while consistently creating an unstoppable offense. His abilities transcend those of a lot of other players, let alone centers, and it’s what makes him near impossible to stop for opposing teams.

Nikola Jokic’s intelligence can be seen in his shot selection as well. He is a highly efficient player, averaging 63.2% from the field and 38.3% from three-point range. He ensures that he scores only when it’s the optimal play or when his team needs a bucket. This means his scoring numbers stay low, but the efficiency of the overall offense goes up.

Nikola Jokic Is Considered The Best Player In The NBA

Nikola Jokic has been good enough in the recent past to have almost won three consecutive MVP awards. The Serbian big man had his detractors before, but his championship win has elevated him beyond those doubters, who now have to simply acknowledge his greatness. Fans crowned him the best player in the world after he led the Denver Nuggets to the 2023 championship.

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