Istanbul during July features warm afternoons and evenings with comfortable late nights and early mornings. Humidity levels increase this month with about 10-12 days considered humid.


Daytime high temperatures will tend to average around 27-28 C (81-82 F) early in the month, warming to about 29 C (84-85 F) near the end of the month.

A few of the warmer afternoons, especially later in the month, can reach up to around 32-33 C (90-91 F). The record high temperature in Istanbul during July is 40 C (104 F).

Late night and early morning low temperatures will likely be around 18-19 C (64-67 F) early in July, warming to 20-22 C (68-72 F) near the end of the month.

A few of the cooler mornings, especially early in the month, can dip down around 16 C (61 F). The record low temperature in Istanbul during July is 10 C (50 F).

Sky and Rain

Sunny or at least partly sunny skies prevail for most of the month with only about 2-3 days being considered cloudy. Rainfall is also limited with measurable rain occurring only on 2-3 days during July.


The number of daylight hours decreases during this month from about 15.1 hours on the 1st to about 14.4 hours by the 31st.


Wind speeds during this month will be mostly gentle to moderate at 12-28 kph (8-18 mph) but can occasionally be fresh at 29-38 kph (19-24 mph).

Ocean Temperatures

The beaches near Istanbul lie mostly along the shores of the Sea of Marmara and along the Bosporus Strait. The sea temperature is warm throughout the month, averaging between 22 C and 24 C (72F and 75F).

What to Wear in Istanbul during July?

During the summer it is best to wear light airy cotton clothing with a hat and sunblock since most days will be sunny.

A light sweater will come in handy for the cooler late evenings or early morning hours.

Sundresses and knee-length skirts/shorts and t-shirts and jeans are ok in Istanbul, however when visiting a Mosque, women must cover their hair, upper arms, shoulders, and knees.

Things to Do in Istanbul in July

Since the weather should be quite nice, this would be an excellent time to consider taking a pay-what-you-wish walking tour in Istanbul.

If you’re looking for a romantic night out, consider a Bosphorus Dinner Cruise or perhaps even a sunset cruise, as the temperature is always cooler on the water when the sun goes down.

Alternatively, you might also want to experience a Whirling Dervishes show to see one of the most well-known cultural dances in Istanbul.

For family fun during the day, consider enjoying a typically unobstructed view of the city from Galata Tower. Alternatively, you might also wanrt to consider going on a zipline adventure!

Here are a few more ideas you might want to consider:

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