Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is officially a high school graduate.

The former “Toddlers & Tiaras” star graduated from Wilkinson County High School in Georgia May 20. Across social media, Alana’s family celebrated her accomplishment, sharing a series of heartfelt posts to mark the occasion.

Her mother, Mama June Shannon, posted a photo and video montage on Instagram to document the day, including snaps of Alana in her cap and gown and moments from the ceremony. In the caption, Mama June penned a message for her daughter, writing in part, “well today alana closed one chapter of her life.”

She acknowledged that the family had “been through a lot,” but she was proud of her daughter for “moving into the next chapter” and going to college.

“You never gave up even when there was times we all know u was over getting up early n going to school,” she added. “And even what we have been through in the last few years u never quit or gave up and I’m so very proud of YOU for that I love you so much alana.”

In a second montage post on Instagram showing more of the big day, Mama June wrote, “Look we are so proud of Lana so y’all getting a picture overload from me and pumpkin.”

“I can’t believe my baby is graduated and y’alls baby,” Mama June added in the caption. “yall have watch grown up before y’alls eyes on tv is grown now graduated high school today can y’all believe it and about to go to college.”

Alana’s older sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird, also shared a post celebrating the graduate on Instagram.

She first shared a video of Alana from the ceremony, followed by two snaps posing with her sister in her cap and gown. In the caption, she shared a touching message for Alana, writing, “To say im proud would be an understatement.”

“To be there a witness this next chapter I’m amazed,” she continued. “Amazed at how much you’ve grown, how beautiful your soul is, & most importantly how far youve come against all odds. To hear your name be called & to watch you walk im honored truly.”

Lauryn said she was excited to see what was next for Alana after high school, adding, “Please always know im your biggest fan & always & forever gonna be screaming the loudest for you. I love you lana.”

Alana’s other sister, Jessica Shannon, also shared a montage of photos and videos from the graduation ceremony on Instagram to mark the milestone moment.

“Today was the day you’ve been waiting for a while and you made it!” she wrote in the caption. “You’ve came a long way from being that aggravating lil sister who was all my butt to a beautiful young lady.”

Jessica also said she was “so proud” of Alana for graduating, adding, “I want you know that I’ll always have your back regardless of anything. You will do big things I see it ! I love you LANNNA.”

Alana opened up about being in her final year of high school in an October 2022 post on Instagram. In the caption, she said it was “so crazy to believe” she was a senior, adding, “I’ve had so many disadvantages along the way but I’ve never let that stop me.”

“I have so many people to thank for pushing me & making sure my head was on straight,” she wrote. “There were plenty of times I felt like just giving you, I felt I couldn’t do it anymore but something told me not to give up & I didn’t.”

She added, “I hope I made everyone proud of me, especially my nana that was looking down on me the whole way through & even if I didn’t I will always be so proud of myself.”

In the weeks leading up to her graduation, Alana also reflected on her journey toward the end of senior year in a post on Instagram.

“I am so proud of myself and how far I have become,” she wrote in the caption. “there were points that I didn’t even think I would make it this far but I made it.”

As for Alana’s plans after high school, she opened up about her future in an interview with her school shared on Facebook.

She said she will continue her education at Georgia Military College after being accepted to a dual enrollment program in May 2022, but will ultimately attend Regis University in August to study neonatal nursing.

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