Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ Graphing Linear Equations in Standard Form Activity

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This zombie themed graphing linear equations activity will strengthen your students’ skills in graphing lines in standard form.

After many requests a “Catching Zombies” version has been added. It’s the exact same activity and problems but replaces the word “Killing” for “Catching”. It’s included in the resource download after purchase.

Newly added colored version of both sets!

Students are given a graph with 12 zombies on it and 12 standard form equations. Students will cut out each equation and graph the line on the zombie graph. They will then glue the equation next to the zombie that it “killed”. Zombies are “killed” when a line runs through any part of their body. Precision is key in this activity as each line should only run through 1 zombie. If a line runs through more than 1 zombie the student was not precise enough.

Need a Warm Up? Check out The Warm Up To… Graphing Lines & Killing Zombies

Please view the preview for an exact picture of the completed activity.

Important Information

All 12 equations are in in Standard Form.

• The standard form equations were designed to be able to be graphed using intercepts (though they can also be graphed other ways).

• All lines have integer intercepts. There are no fraction/decimal intercepts.

Other Forms of Linear Equations Also Available

  • Slope Intercept Form -> Graphing Lines & Killing Zombies – Slope Intercept Form
  • Point Slope Form -> Graphing Lines & Killing Zombies – Point Slope Form
  • All 3 Forms -> Graphing Lines & Killing Zombies – All 3 Forms

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