Playing around with an idea. It is in a rough form, but where I am at is that the table has 12 rows. Each row goes to a zombie and each zombie is hit with a specific equation that is graphed. I can get the table to check correctness fine, but where I need a suggestion is how to take each table input and graph it instantly. When the student types in an equation in each slot I need it graphed, but I also need it to be graphable in standard form and in slope-intercept form that way regardless of the input if the equation is correct it will be registered. The middle column is where they would put in the equation. The third column is for the correct checks I will add later on. any thoughts?

Think I figured it out. I used

line = xyLine(t.cellContent(1,2)) number(`m_1`): slopeOfLine(line) number(`b_1`): yInterceptOfLine(line)

That was going to be my suggestion.

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I wish the new color tweaks were out from the live stream so I could have 12 different colored lines! I will have to keep waiting…

The new colors are currently available in the stand alone calculator. If you export your graph by clicking the “Edit Graph on Desmos” button, you can access them.

As an example, here’s a link to the standard Desmos colors plus gray. Once you set up the colors, you can grab the link and paste it back into the activity. It’s a workaround for now, but it sounds like the features should be available sometime this week (according to Eli on Twitter).

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