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The following diagram shows how to graph complex numbers on the complex plane. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions on how to graph complex numbers.

The Complex Plane
Imaginary numbers arise frequently in mathematics, but in order to do much with them we need to know more about the complex plane and the rectangular form of complex numbers. The complex plane is a medium used to plot complex numbers in rectangular form, if we think as the real and imaginary parts of the number as a coordinate pair within the complex plane.
The complex plane, complex numbers in standard form, the difference between complex numbers and imaginary numbers, and plotting complex numbers in the complex plane.

Defining & Graphing Complex Numbers

Graphing Complex Numbers
Complex Numbers and the complex plane

Graphing Complex Numbers
In this video we learn to graph complex numbers using the complex number plane (instead of our normal x-y plane).

Finding the Absolute Value of Complex Numbers
In this video we learn that the absolute value of a complex number is the distance of the number and the origin on the complex plane. Basically, that the square root of the sum of the squares of the real and imaginary part of the complex number

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