Rory Gilmore may become close to Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls, but she has always considered childhood BFF Lane Kim to be the most important person in her life besides her mother Lorelai. Fans cheer Rory and Lane along as they grow up, enter the dating world, and think about who they are and who they want to be.

While Rory and Lane are very different, and, as their lives move in opposite directions, they remain close friends, and it’s really sweet to see. From their chats about dating in season 1 to their reunion in the revival, it’s interesting to look at Rory and Lane’s friendship throughout all of Gilmore Girls.

Season 1: Close Friends Adjusting To Big Changes

In season 1 of Gilmore Girls, Lane is introduced as Rory’s best friend since childhood, and everything changes when Rory leaves Stars Hollow High to go to Chilton. Now Rory has a new life and a new boyfriend, and they have to find time to hang out instead of seeing each other every day.

Fans love the moving episodes featuring Rory and Lane, and, in season 1’s ‘Love And War And Snow,’ Lane shares with Rory that she feels their friendship has changed for the worse. Lane is happy that Rory has Dean, but she misses when they could spend more time together. Viewers always remember this storyline as Rory apologizes and they vow to stay close. It’s relatable and heartfelt.

Season 2: Rory Supports Lane As She Struggles With Family And Her Love Life

Season 2 sees Lane balancing her strict mother and her relationship with Henry, as she has to keep that a big secret. The season opens with Lane believing that Mrs. Kim got her a one-way ticket to Korea, and she’s upset at the idea of never coming back home.

Even though Rory can’t relate to Lane’s life at all, as she has a much much more relaxed parent in Lorelai who is supportive of her relationship with Dean, she talks to Lane about her situation and tries to offer advice.

Season 3: The BFFs Get Ready For Another Change

In season 3, Rory gets ready for college, and it’s clear that her friendship with Lane will change once again when she goes away to school and they can’t see each other as often.

Rory continues to be there for Lane and helps protect her secret life, supporting her when her band plays a gig at a party in the episode “Keg! Max!” Rory still cares about Lane, but she definitely gets distracted as she leaves Dean behind and begins dating Jess. Fans hoped that they can stay pals in the next season, as it’s going to be an adjustment.

Season 4: Rory Starts College While Balancing Her Friendship With Lane

Season 4 of Gilmore Girls includes a huge contrast between Rory and Lane’s lives. While Rory begins going to college and learns a lot of lessons at Yale, Mrs. Kim wants Lane to move out as she learns about all the things that Lane has kept hidden from her. Rory tries her best to balance her friendship with Lane with her new independence.

It’s tough for Rory when Lane stays with her for a period of time at Yale, and it doesn’t feel like a way to fix Lane’s problem, which is that she feels lost. When Lane says she’s envious of Rory and feels she has no life, Rory doesn’t know what to say, and this suggests to viewers that while they’re close, they don’t always understand each other.

Season 5: Rory, Paris, And Lane Bond

This season is a big one for Rory and Lane as Rory has become much closer with Paris after leaving Chilton, and she allows Lane to be part of that friendship, too. This shows Lane that she will always be in Rory’s life no matter what changes or where Rory lives.

Fans love the episode ‘To Live and Let Diorama,’ as the three characters mourn the state of their romantic lives and they drink too much Founder’s Day punch. It’s really moving to see Lane with Paris, as they both realize that Rory considers them the most important friends that she has.

Season 6: Rory Tries To Make Lane’s Wedding Special

Zack and Lane’s wedding day is a memorable part of Gilmore Girls, and Rory does her best to make the celebration special by taking charge of the bachelorette party. In typical TV or movie fashion, it doesn’t work out, but it’s definitely the thought that counts in this situation.

Sometimes people are jealous of their friends when they get married or celebrate a big life event before them, so it’s nice to see that Rory is all in for Zack and Lane’s wedding.

Season 7: Lane Becomes A Mom

When fans look back on Lane and Rory’s friendship in season 7, Lane experiencing motherhood stands out the most. While they do stay friends, this does allow the show to explore how different these two characters are at this point in their lives.

While Rory is finishing Yale, Lane is already out in the real world, dealing with a lot of responsibility. Many viewers wanted to see Lane as a famous musician or at least someone who could go after her dreams much more easily, but it is good to see that Rory was still there for Lane in this season.

A Year In The Life: Still Friends After All These Years

A Year In The Life drives home the point that fans have always believed and hoped for; even though Rory has moved away from Stars Hollow and started her journalism career, she will always love Lane.

Lane has some immature moments in the original series, but, by the revival, she is still married to Zack, and they’re raising their kids in Stars Hollow while playing in their band. Fans are disappointed because they want a more satisfying storyline for Lane, but it’s great to see that Lane and Rory have kept up their friendship.

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