You may have had encountered a paper filled with squares or dots and do not know what the reasons are why it’s made as such. These papers are called isometric papers, which serve a lot of purpose depending on a field of study requiring this paper.

Commonly noticed for its convenience and accuracy of measurement you may wonder what is the isometric graph paper used for? In a scientific and mathematical setting, this paper is used to draw graphs using problems or hypotheses as bases for such information. This serves as a visual representation of mathematical and scientific findings.

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What Does Isometric Paper Look Like?

In comparison with the intermediate papers that are used by students in grade school until college, isometric papers are patterned rather uniquely. Although isometric papers are classified differently depending on the required output, there is a pattern in it that makes it distinguishable to other papers. This article provides a variety of printable isometric papers to help you out with your projects and experiments. Using these templates, isometric dot paper templates to site an example, can help you make accurate output when it comes to measurement.

Isometric papers have different formats. In some universities in North America, professors require their students to use engineering papers, which is often termed as engineer’s pads. This paper’s grid lines are printed on the back side that shows lightly in the front page, making an output clearer compared to others using a different isometric paper.

In a technical field, a millimeter paper is used for its number of squares per centimeter and is helpful for visual communication in technical drawings. Besides the common square-patterned isometric papers, isometric graph paper or 3D graph paper uses a triangle, which is accurate in drawing angles. Always remember that a graph paper to be chosen is dependent to its output.

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Tips for Drawing on an Isometric Paper

In a bond paper, it is extremely hard to set your limits in drawing an object, especially if you are particular about the measurements of an output. By simply using isometric graph paper, the job gets done in no time without hesitating about setting the limits of your output. A series of patterned sixty degrees of small triangles are found in this paper consisting three guidelines compared to quadrille paper, which has four guidelines. Unlike any other graph papers, hexagon graph papers that are commonly used for tessellated designs taking advantage of its hexagon patterns to cite an example, the isometric graph paper is used for three-dimensional drawings providing perfect balance and measurement of a three-dimensional object. Here are some tips to get you started of using the vantage point of a 3D graph paper:

  • Get a 3D graph paper, pencil, ruler, and eraser. 3D graph paper may come in triangles or dots; whichever it is you choose, it doesn’t really matter.
  • If a 3D rectangle is to be drawn, measurements should be precise and must be labeled first before drawing it for purposes of balance. If the width of your rectangle is five centimeters, then it is advisable to draw a line plotting out five lines in the paper. As for the height and length of the object, same rule should apply. This is what makes the paper unique for it helps you contain the balance of the said object while keeping the measurements precise.
  • Once an object has been accomplished, it is important to label the lines with measurements. These measurements are required, especially if you are planning to build something or making the drawn object come to flesh.

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How to Draw on Isometric Paper

Drawing on an isometric paper is a lot easier compared to drawing on intermediate papers or bond papers. Guidelines are already provided making the task easy and, thus, consumes less of your time. With the help of this paper, it reduces mental stress because you no longer need to think if the lines you are making are parallel or if a line is completely proportional to the rest. To simply put it, a complex task is reduced to rather a smooth one.

These papers have been proven useful by professionals who are practitioners of experimental studies and of technical designs, and is highly recommended to those who plan to pursue such professions. We offer a variety of downloadable and printable graph paper templates here to help you manage your projects and assignments easily. Guidelines regarding how to draw on isometric paper are as follows:

  • Prepare all vital materials needed for sketching. It is advisable to use a pencil should a mistake be committed.
  • Carefully visualize the space needed for your subject or you may put numbers in each dot (if you are using a dot graph paper) to set your limits if this method helps.
  • Simply draw your subject by following the guidelines in a graph paper.

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Isometric Guidelines

Isometric graph papers are a composition of three guidelines, which is entirely different from quadpaper or quadrille paper, which has four, although similar in purpose. As what can be observed in an isometric paper template found below, a collection of triangles are used instead of squares. If you look at the triangles carefully you will know that the small triangles measure sixty degrees. This type of paper is commonly used for technical designing and engineering drawings. Its unique pattern helps these professionals measure their output in a careful manner.

The guidelines are what makes a graph paper convenient to use. In an isometric drawing, precise measurements must be applied, that is why a ruler or other materials used for measurement is required in drawing the desired objects. The guidelines are not only limited to drawing three-dimensional objects, in fact, if a detail needs to be added in an object, the guidelines also come in very handy by limiting the size of a detail to be added in the object.

If there is an invention that requires planning, the isometric paper comes in useful by using it as a blueprint of a certain project. Most individuals prefer using isometric paper with dots as guidelines because they find it neat and not too hard on the eyes because of its fine print.

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