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By: Jody Cheng, Nidhi Shah, and Sean Lu

CHAPTER SUMMARY After months of work, Victor Frankenstein finally completes his invention. He was not happy by the results, in fact he was horrified by his creation. This lead to a various amount of nightmares about Elizabeth and his mothers dead body. Finally, he realizes that he won’t be able to sleep in his now “haunted” apartment so leaves. He suffers from paranoia when he walks outside, and he feels that he is being followed. He runs into his friend Henry Clerval, and takes him back to his apartment. Frankenstein sees no sign of the monster, and is relieved, but he falls sick with a fever. Frankenstein is sick for many months and Clerval is the one who nurses and takes care of him during this time.

CONFLICTS Man vs. Self- inventing the monster makes him feel guilty for neglecting his family and friends. He’s paranoid and starts having nightmares about the monster. Man vs. Supernatural/technology- The Monster is causing him to have nightmares Man vs. Society- Victor Frankenstein doesn’t want others to know about the monster and he feels ashamed.

“Like one who, on a lonely road, Doth walk in fear and dread, And, having once turned round, walks on, And turns no more his head: Because he knows a frightful fiend Doth close behind him tread.” (pg 44) This poem was put into the story because Mary Shelley is starting to give us hints about what is going to happened next (foreshadowing). Dr. Frankenstein explains how he feels like he is being followed after leaving his apartment. When he comes back home, the monster isn’t there so the author may be hinting that the monster was the one who was following him the whole time.

CHARACTER ANALYSIS The Monster is a Flat Character
Based on Frankenstein’s thoughts and opinions Victor Frankenstein is a Dynamic Character Created Frankenstein but is regretful Henry Clerval is Flat Character Cares for Victor

SETTING/MOOD Frankenstein’s apartment in Ingolstadt
Dark stormy night in November The weather creates an eerie mood He is away from home The next day is sunny

ILLUSTRATION 8 feet tall Has lustrous black hair Has watery eyes
Has pearly white teeth Has wrinkled cheeks Has straight black lips

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