Not so shore about this one.

Fans of “Jeopardy!” are salty about the final clue for Wednesday’s episode, in the “World of Water” category.

The clue read: “The Bass Strait divides Tasmania & mainland Australia & hydrographers have disputed which of these 2 larger bodies it’s part of.”

Returning champ Ben Goldstein, a content marketing specialist from Michigan, and Nabeela Rahman, a cooperative education coordinator from Ontario, correctly answered, “What are the Indian & Pacific Oceans?” while Lee Papa, a professor from New Jersey, watched his chances float away.

Crabby viewers are arguing several responses could satisfy the clue.

“I’m going to open by saying that I hate this Final,” a show recapper wrote on The Jeopardy! Fan website.

“Even depending on whether or not you’re in Australia, there may be many possible answers to this one. On its west, depending on who’s making the definition, the body of water is either the Great Australian Bight, the Indian Ocean, or the Southern Ocean. (The Southern Ocean definition is used mainly by Australia.)”

Today's Final Jeopardy! clue not "an appropriate subject for a final"

The recapper continued: “On its east, it’s either the Tasman Sea or the Pacific Ocean. Considering that either half of this response has multiple possible responses, I don’t think that it’s an appropriate subject for a Final.”

The divisive clue also sparked a lengthy debate on Reddit, where a few viewers claimed it could’ve actually been the “easiest in a while.”

Today's Final Jeopardy! clue not "an appropriate subject for a final"

“Could this have been the easiest FJ clue in a while? All the more amazing that someone thought Australia was next to the Atlantic Ocean,” one fan wrote about Papa, who guessed “What are the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?”

“It was easy if you didn’t overcomplicate it like I did,” another suggested.

“At first I was wondering if they wanted Great Australian Bight (objectively wrong) and Tasman Sea (too specific), but then I settled on the Pacific and Southern Oceans, as the strait’s western edge empties into Australia’s south coast.”

The poster continued, “Of course, Australia’s south coast is on the Indian Ocean — the Southern Ocean doesn’t extend as far north as I thought (it’s defined as the waters below 60 degrees south).”

Today's Final Jeopardy! clue not "an appropriate subject for a final"

Another avid viewer argued they “haven’t really seen many FJs as poorly [penned] as this one.”

The Post has contacted a representative for “Jeopardy!” for comment.

The controversies continue for the beloved quiz show. On Monday, viewers were throwing tomatoes at the “horrendous” “Let’s Make a Movie Crossover!” category.

And last week, all three contestants were stumped by the final American geography clue.

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