Figurative Language Task Cards for 5th Grade

⭐️ These 30 task cards leveled for 5th graders are perfect for developing or reinforcing understanding figurative language. A great tool to use for centers, test prep, and classroom games.
⭐️ Available in color and black-line.

✏️ Centers – These are perfect to use in centers and independent/partner work.

✏️ Scoot – Pass out one card for each student. Set a timer and say, “scoot!” when the timer goes off. Students move seats to the next card. They continue to rotate until they are back at their original seat.

✏️ Scavenger Hunt – Hide cards around the room. Students search for cards and answer them.

✏️ Games – Number block tower blocks. Students stack the blocks, then take turns pulling blocks. Students answer the corresponding number card.

✏️ Whole-Class Practice – Teacher displays card on the projector. Students answer on mini-whiteboards.

✏️ Exit Tickets – Give each student a task card at the end of the lesson. Have them answer on a sticky note.

  • 30 fictional short passages
  • 1 Multiple Choice Question for Each Passage
  • Challenge card
  • Recording Template
  • Answer Key
  • Available in Color or Black-Line

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