Name That Figure of Speech!
Name That Figure of Speech!


Ages: 10-Adult
Grades: 5-Adult

Figurative Language Card Games is made up of four decks of playing cards. Each deck contains 52 suited cards for a total of 208 figurative language phrases. Each card presents a realistic, short, narrative passage that includes a figurative language phrase. Students use context clues within the passage to help them answer a multiple-choice question that addresses the meaning of the targeted phrase. A decoder is included if students want to self-check their answers. Directions for five game variations are also included, but the game possibilities are endless.

Deck 1: Idioms 1

You need to tell your teacher something. She stops what she’s doing and says, “Okay. I’m all ears.” What does “I’m all ears” mean?

a. I have big ears. b. I’m listening to you. c. I can’t hear you.

Deck 2: Idioms 2

Your friend is angry with you. When you try to talk to her, she gives you the cold shoulder. What does “gives you the cold shoulder” mean?

a. compliments you b. laughs at you c. ignores you

Deck 3: Indirect Language

You’re getting ready for school when your dad knocks on your door. He asks, “Do you know what time it is?” What does your dad mean?

a. You’re late. b. You have lots of time. c. Is your watch working?

Deck 4: Similes and Metaphors

You’re at the mall with your mom. You ask if you can go to the game store and meet her in an hour. She says, “That sounds like a plan.” What does “sounds like a plan” mean?

a. sounds noisy b. sounds impossible c. sounds like a good idea

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COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: 4 card decks (52 cards per deck), instructions, data collection sheet, shielded decoder, vinyl bag.


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