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This Equations and Inequalities Unit Bundle includes guided notes, homework assignments, three quizzes, a study guide, and a unit test that cover the following topics:

• One-Step Equations with Addition and Subtraction

• One-Step Equations with Multiplication and Division

• One-Step Equations with Rational Numbers (Decimals and Fractions)

• Translating One-Step Equations

• One-Step Equation Word Problems

• Two-Step Equations

• Translating Two-Step Equations

• Two-Step Equations Word Problems

• Multi-Step Equations (Variables on One Side)

• Multi-Step Equations (Variables on Both Sides)

• Writing and Graphing Inequalities

• Solving One-Step Inequalities

• Solving Two-Step Inequalities

• Translating One- and Two-Step Inequalities

• One- and Two-Step Inequality Word Problems


(1) Links to Instructional Videos: Links to videos of each lesson in the unit are included. Videos were created by fellow teachers for their students using the guided notes and shared in March 2020 when schools closed with no notice. Please watch through first before sharing with your students. Many teachers still use these in emergency substitute situations.
(2) Editable Assessments: Editable versions of each quiz and the unit test are included. PowerPoint is required to edit these files. Individual problems can be changed to create multiple versions of the assessment. The layout of the assessment itself is not editable. If your Equation Editor is incompatible with mine (I use MathType), simply delete my equation and insert your own.

(3) Google Slides Version of the PDF: The second page of the Video links document contains a link to a Google Slides version of the PDF. Each page is set to the background in Google Slides. There are no text boxes; this is the PDF in Google Slides. I am unable to do text boxes at this time but hope this saves you a step if you wish to use it in Slides instead!

How does this unit compare to your Pre-Algebra Equations and Inequalities Unit? This unit is similar in that it contains similar topics. However, all material has been rewritten to ensure there is no duplication. The biggest differences between this Math 7 unit and Pre-Algebra Curriculum include no square roots equations, special solutions, multi-step equation word problems, or multi-step inequalities. The material is also presented at a slighter slower pace.

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