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The result previously obtained can be generalized to find the equation of a circle with a certain center and given radius.

On a coordinate plane, consider a circle with radius and center

The standard equation of the above circle is given below.

Tearrik has one last problem to solve before going to a BBQ. He needs to find the standard equation of the circle shown below.

Tearrik remembers that the standard equation of a circle is However, he does not remember how to find the values of and Help Tearrik get to the BBQ by finding these values!

The standard equation of a circle is Here, the center of the circle is and its radius is

Sometimes the equation of a circle needs a significant change to be rewritten as the standard equation of a circle. Typically in those cases, the equation can be rewritten by completing the square.

To be allowed to help design her schools basketball court, Dominika was asked to identify the center and the radius of the circle whose equation is given below.

Identity Property of Addition

Identity Property of Addition

Split into factors

Commutative Property of Multiplication

The challenge presented at the beginning of this lesson can be solved by writing the equation of the circle.

On a coordinate plane, a circle centered at the origin with radius was drawn. Also, a point on the circle with coordinate was plotted.

The standard equation of a circle is where is the center and the radius.

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