Quilted Maple


* Colour: Green

* Carbon Type: Vibrant Weave

* Veneer: Quilted Maple

* Tuners: Gotoh 510 tuners 18:1 ratio (Gold)

* Inlays: None

* Pickup: LR-Baggs Element

* Bridge Type: Pinless Carbon Bridge

* Case: Custom Padded Gig Bag

Compact size, full-size sound.

Our parlor-sized small bodied acoustic guitar, the X7 is great for both home use and for use on the road. Plug the X7 in and this guitar comes alive as a great performance acoustic.

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Scale Length

24”, 615mm

Nut Width

1 ¾”, 44.5mm

Bridge Spacing

2 ¼”, 57mm

Overall Length

34 1/4“, 870mm

Max Body Width

14 1⁄4″, 360mm

Max Body Depth

4 1/2“, 114mm

Max Body Length

18″, 457mm


3.85lbs, 1.75kg


20 medium stainless steel frets

Fretboard Radius



Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


High gloss finish on all surfaces


Custom Padded Gig Bag


Offset Soundhole

Our unique soundhole design brings a whole new listening experience by projecting the sound more directly towards the player while still providing great forward projection to the audience

Plek’d to Perfection

Every guitar goes through the cutting edge Plek process which scans the frets of the guitar and machines them to perfection taking into account radius, relief,action height and string gauge. This process guarantees ultimate accuracy and playability

Neck Design

Our carbon fiber necks provide strength stability and accuracy. Featuring a double action truss rod for perfect adjustability and stainless steel frets giving ultra smooth feel and wear resistance

Ergonomic Body Design

Our Moulding technology provides us the freedom to create a wonderfully ergonomic body design featuring the extended neck access, asymmetric side design, rib and forearm bevels which all combined give unprecedented comfort to the player


We use the highest quality Gotoh 510 tuners across our range with 18:1 ratio and unsurpassed build quality

Carbon Fiber Bridge

We machine our unique bridges from a solid billet of carbon fibre creating a beautiful aesthetic design that transfers the string energy efficiently into the soundboard

Hi-Tech Carbon

Carbon fiber is now used in all the most high tech industries from Aerospace to Formula one Racing where strength and weight is paramount. In fact it was in Formula One Power Boat racing that we discovered that the properties of carbon fiber are also perfectly suited to guitar making creating a lightweight structure that holds up under the tension of the strings while resonating freely with the lightest touch.

Weather Resistant

If you have ever traveled with a guitar you will know just how much temperature and humidity changes can effect the structure, tuning stability and tone of a guitar. This is where carbon fibre construction really excells. Now you can take your guitar from a cold car to a warm stage without worrying that your going to go out of tune after the first strum.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Intricacy is our excellence. Our signature one-piece moulding process delivers a guitar that is both incredibly strong and stable, resulting in fewer trips to your local luthier. The entire neck and body of Emerald Guitars are moulded together resulting in no joints becoming weak or failing over time whilst delivering impeccable resonance and sustain.


Blues (Mic)

Country (Mic)

Fingerstyle (Mic)

Picking (Mic)

Strumming (Mic)

Medley (Pickup)


EXOTIC wood FUSED into this CARBON FIBER guitar!
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X7 – Parlor #Guitar Compact Size. Full Bodied Sound. #shorts
The #Guitar You Can Take Everywhere You Go #shorts #travelguitar
A Parlor-Sized #Guitar for Home and Beyond!
The Travelling #Guitarists Best Friend


X7 – The nicest travel guitar

The nicest travel guitar anyone could ever want. Sounds great acoustically but plugged in it comes alive. It has its own voice compared to my X20 but sits in a mix really cool. Very comfortable 12 fret to the body but access up to 20. I can play all my songs on it. Super light and it just looks badass.

– By Jeff Milkey

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