Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

Dying Light 2 safe codes are needed to open small safes found in various places throughout the game. They contain inhibitors, which are used for upgrading your character. Safes, also, sometimes contain very special items. Codes can be found near the safe most of the time. They are not always a straightforward list of numbers. Codes can be riddles you have to solve or equations. Most of these are easy to find and solve. In case you are stuck with some Dying Light 2 safe codes and their locations here’s a nifty list of all we’ve found so far.

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

How to find safe codes in Dying Light 2?

Safe codes in Dying Light 2 are usually found very close to the safe itself. They can be in the same room as the safe or in the next room over. Use your Pilgrim sense to scan the environment. If you see a yellow dot, that should be the safe code. Yellow dots upon scanning reveal artifact collectibles. Safe codes are artifact collectibles in the game. Once you pick it up go to your inventory and then open the collectibles tab. The leftmost column contains mementos and all the safe codes you’ve found so far will be there. Click on the artifact collectible icon and it will reveal the code or a riddle. Now, just go back to the safe to open it. Here’s a list of all safes we’ve found so far.

Church Nightrunner’s Hideout in Houndfield Safe Code

The first Dying Light 2 safe code I came across was in the Houndfield region. I heard the familiar notification that the inhibitor is nearby. Found a church with a Nightrunner’s hideout inside. There was a safe and no code for it. Figured it gets unlocked later and continued to explore the church with the intention to at least unlock the hideout. After scanning with my pilgrim’s sense it revealed an artifact quality item. It was inside some small container and turned out to be a safe code. Once I went inside the collectibles inventory and opened the note it says the code is 101. Full guide with the location of this safe and its code can be found here.

First Biomarker Riddle

This is a fun safe to open because you first have to solve a riddle. You’ll find it during the side quest First Biomarker. Once you solve the riddle, found next to the safe, you will get the safe code. Riddle consists of the following clues:

  • What Becomes Smaller When You Turn It Upside Down
  • An Odd Number, Take Away a Letter and It Becomes Even
  • A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left ubroken?

The answer to this riddle is the code 973. To see where this can be found and how we solved the riddle check out our Dying Light 2 Safe Code First Biomarker Riddle guide.

Bazaar Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

Bazaar is the main hub for the player in the first third of the game. Observant players will notice that there are platforms around it that can take you to its top. Once you complete the platforming climb then you’ll find a room with a safe and a code next to a poster on the wall. Code is an equation that reads 5*100+15-5=… The answer is 510. For a detailed guide with the safe location check our Bazaar Dying Light 2 Safe Codes article.

Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp Safe

There’s a bandit camp in the Downtown zone you can liberate. You can reach it once you finish the first third of the game and gain access to the Central Loop. It is an optional activity. Liberate the bandit camp and then explore it to find the safe. There’s a note next to it revealing 313 as the number you need to open the safe. This is one of the easier Dying Light 2 safe codes to get.

Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp Safe code location

Hidden Treasure Safe Code

In order to get the side quest Treasure Hunt, you’ll have to complete “The Deserter” side quest and to keep the map at the end of this quest. Your task will be to decode a note. The code you have to enter is 032167. Our detailed guide Decode the Note to Find Hidden Treasure in Dying Light 2 Treasure Hunt shows you how to find the solution.

Approximate Number of Pi – Garrison Electrical Station Safe Code

As part of the main quest called Broadcast you’ll have to visit Garrison Electrical Station. Inside it is a safe with an inhibitor. To get this Dying Light 2 safe code you have to first open a small container next to the safe itself. Inside you’ll find a note saying “Approximate Number of Pi“. Pi is a mathematical constant used in many calculations and is an infinite number. Its most famous approximation though is 3.14. This neatly fits as a safe code. Select 314 on the dial to get the inhibitor.

Approximate Number of Pi Garrison Electrical Station Safe Code

Moonshine Side Quest Safe Code – the Year of the Discovery of America

This safe can only be found if you can do the sidequest called Moonshine. This quest can be done only if you spared Jack and Joe’s life in Old Villedor when you took the Water Tower from these bandits. If you did, you’ll find them in the PK fortress in the prison. When you talk to them make sure not to be hostile and decide to help them. They’ll ask you to get them some moonshine from a hidden safe in the water tower. During the conversation, they say the code is the year that America was founded. He says something like 14, then 8 or maybe nine, and then forgets the rest. America was founded in 1492 and that’s the code. Enter 14 for the first digit and 09 and 02 for the second and third.

Moonshine Side Quest Safe Code the Year of the Discovery of America

Saint Thomas Church Safe Code

Once you reach Saint Thomas Church on Saint Paul Island you will come across a safe in one of the rooms. But the code that opens the safe is hidden in another room, right above the location of the safe. The code is 4-4-4 and you can find out more about the safe location in our detailed guide Saint Thomas Church Safe Code Dying Light 2.

Saint Thomas Church Safe Code Dying Light 2

If U 555, than I’m …Safe Code

At the top of the VNC tower, during the Broadcast main story, you will come across a new safe with an interesting code “If U 555, then I am …”. These words are lyrics from the song Slipknot – The Heretic Anthem. In order to open this safe use the code 666.

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