Anniversary Edition HUD for Scholarship Edition (v5)

This is an interface mod from the AE version for the SE version of the game.
You can download it from both Yandex.Disk and MediaFire.
The downloadable archive contains screenshots and download links.
In this mod:
Updated backgrounds and HUD elements in cool mini-games;
Pause menu updated;
Updated main menu;
Fixed blurry textures;
Updated backgrounds and sprites for arcade games;
Updated UI elements for specific missions;
Included other hud elements that I missed in the previous version;
Updated hud elements in carnival games;
Updated radar with more clarity;
Missions with updated hud elements;
Health and punishment icons (this time pulled from the iOS and Android versions);
Fixed white texture in mission character sheets;
Fixed the blue title screen in the Consumo arcade game.
Added updated Xbox 360 and PlayStation buttons as options;
Added more textures that I missed;
Fixed texture in geography class;
General improvements;
Added a text file that describes how to install the mod;
Updated loading screens;
Added improved tattoo textures from the mobile version;
Added additional AE logo for your Steam library and AE background for Big Picture mode for Steam users.
1. Extract all files using WinRar or WinZip.
2. In the “#1 Important Files” folder you will see the folders containing the files needed for this mod. Copy and paste all folders into your main Bully directory.
3. Open the Stream folder and you will see a folder called “Textures” which contains all the files needed for the mod and the bully img console program which installs everything in the folder I mentioned. Run bully img.
4. After Bully.img run install.bat
5. Wait for the installation to complete and enjoy!

fast and easy

  • 1604228940_e-hud-dlja-se.rarDownload (0.65 MB)Password: libertycity
  • www.moddb.comDownloadPassword: libertycity

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