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Survey Results and Analysis PDF

Hey everyone!

The long-awaited survey results are in! Here was the original post for the survey (the survey itself is no longer active). I intended to have this out a few weeks ago, but it was a lot more work than I anticipated.

Some things we all probably assumed, but there were also some unexpected results. There’s quite a bit of information in there, so I’ve added bookmarks within the PDF to each of the sections below:

  • Intro and General Conclusions (p1)

  • SAT Test Scores (p2)

  • Practice Test Scores (p3-5)

  • UWorld % and Scatterplots (p6-7)

  • Resource Rankings (p8-9)

  • Hours Studied and Improvement (p10)

  • Other Stats and Rankings (p11)

  • Quotes from Comment Boxes (p13)


  1. These results are reflective of this community, NOT the general population. The general population’s average SAT score is a 1060. This community is full of motivated high-achievers, and the average SAT score here is in the top 1-2% in the world.

  2. Unfortunately there were not enough responses on the April and October QAS tests for statistical significance. Similarly, there were not enough responses for any of the individual Erica Meltzer, College Panda, or Princeton Review tests.

  3. There was one major flaw with the Survey Monkey interface regarding the resource rankings. If one resource was dragged above another in that question, all 15 of the available resources were automatically ranked even if you only wanted to rank two of them, if you did not click “N/A.” This very much hurt resources lower on the list like Kaplan, group classes, private tutoring, etc. I went through and identified these problems, and highlighted them in red in the excel document in the third bullet below.

For total transparency and for anybody that wants to nerd out, here is all of the full data.

  • Trimmed data set – red highlighting for rankings excluded from the survey due to note 3, above

I mentioned this in the PDF intro but it is important to remember that this survey was voluntary response, so the data is skewed somewhat towards people who are more invested in the test.

Good luck to everyone!

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