Discovery River Boats

Discovery River Boats
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Area Safari Village

Upcountry Landing

Coordinates 28°21′24″N 81°35′24″W / 28.35667°N 81.59000°W
Status Removed
Opening date April 22, 1998
Closing date August 21, 1999
Ride statistics
Attraction type Boat ride
Vehicle type Natural gas powered boats
Riders per vehicle 62
Duration 10:00
Vehicle names The Darting Dragonfly

Otter Nonsense

Leaping Lizard

Crocodile Belle

Hasty Hippo

Discovery River Boats was an attraction at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando.


The boats docked at the Safari Village and in Asia. The ride was a non-stop trip that brought the passengers near to the Tree of Life and past all the lands of the theme park. During the journey, the guests would be shown small animals that had been brought on board. The captain would walk the aisles and point out other items on the trek. The ride was similar to the Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom, however there was little to see exclusive to the ride. These handful of scenes included a fire-breathing dragon’s cave outside Camp Minnie Mickey (intended as a preview for the unbuilt Beastly Kingdom), geysers in Africa, and a bathing Iguanodon outside of Dinoland USA.

The attraction was renamed to “Discovery River Taxi” in November of 1998. The ride was then renamed to “Radio Disney River Cruise” in March of 1999, and played commentary from Radio Disney DJs Just Plain Mark and Zippy. The guests were told that the songs were being broadcast from the top of the Tree of Life. The boats were all re-painted in new colors, and animals were no longer brought on board. The routes were also modified, with boats returning to the departing dock instead of stopping at the other dock for guests to disembark.

The ride closed in late summer 1999 due to large numbers of disappointed guests who had not realized that the ride’s original purpose was transportation and showed a minimal number of animals that, with the exception of the Banteng, could all be seen from the paths surrounding the Tree of Life. The docks, however, can still be seen in the park. The Asia dock hosted character meet & greets but is now used as stroller parking. The dock at Discovery Island is currently used for Moana meet & greet, having previously hosted Pocahontas.

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