Scale \u0026 Scales of Analysis [AP Human Geography Unit 1 Topic 6] (1.6)
Scale \u0026 Scales of Analysis [AP Human Geography Unit 1 Topic 6] (1.6)

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AP® Human Geography
1 question
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COVID-19 Map: Varying Scales of Analysis
World map of total confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people by country
Our World in Data
CC BY 4.0
The map above shows a national scale of analysis for confirmed COVID-19 deaths in countries throughout the world. Which of the following best explains a limitation of the map in understanding the extent of COVID-19 deaths at different scales of analysis?
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The map only shows COVID-19 deaths in the most-developed regions of the world.
Changing the map’s scale of analysis would increase its accuracy by showing regional and local distributions within countries.
The data in the map would be more accurately understood on a global scale map since COVID-19 is a global pandemic.
The data in the map would be more accurately displayed using a topographical map at a subnational scale.
The data is displayed using a choropleth map, but it would be more accurately understood using an isoline map.
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