Climate: Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest has two different climates and is dominated by Am.


Classification Count Köppen-Geiger Examples
Tropical monsoon climate 3 Am Mossman, Cape Tribulation, Daintree Village
Tropical savanna climate 1 Aw Wujal Wujal


Mossman The climatic conditions of Mossman are tropical in nature. In Mossman, the precipitation during summers is significantly higher in comparison to winters. As per the Köppen-Geiger classification, the prevailing weather conditions in this region are categorized under Aw. In Mossman, the average annual temperature is 22.2 °C | 71.9 °F. Annually, approximately 1492 mm | 58.7 inch of precipitation descends.


Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation The climatic conditions of Cape Tribulation are characterized by a tropical climate. In Cape Tribulation, the level of precipitation during summers surpasses that of winters. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification identifies this particular weather pattern as belonging to the category of Aw. The average temperature in Cape Tribulation is 23.2 °C | 73.8 °F. The annual rainfall is 1681 mm | 66.2 inch.


Daintree Village

Daintree Village This city has a tropical climate.has a tropical climate. During the winter season, precipitation levels are significantly lower compared to those experienced in summer. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Aw. The average temperature in Daintree Village is 22.4 °C | 72.3 °F. Annually, approximately 1564 mm | 61.6 inch of precipitation descends.


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