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22 Dec Choosing Your Career Path: Advice for High Schoolers

High school is a difficult time when it comes to choosing your career path. You may be wondering how you’re supposed to choose your major/degree subject without any experience in the real world. This article will outline the best tools to help you make an informed decision on your future career path, and how you can open more doors for yourself through high school!


The best way to learn about yourself and your interests is to experience different things and see what you enjoy. For example, one of the best experiences you could do in High School is a remote internship program. With the Absolute Internship program you will have project based work which will produce tangible results. During this experience you can choose between our 4 career tracks: Business, Creative, Tech and Non-Profit. A 4-week experience is great because you get an insight into the industry without dedicating your whole summer to it. This experience will help you navigate your career goals and assist in choosing your university degree too!

Work experience and internship programs are the number one way to choose your career path, as you will gain a small insight into what your future could look like!


Thinking about your school work and interests is also a great start to choosing your career path. It is so important to enjoy what you do at University, otherwise you’ll burn out very quickly and struggle to stay motivated. Do some research into the best degree choices surrounding your favorite subjects and if you like more than one subject, research into joint honors or major, minor options!


It is also very important to understand the job prospects after your graduation for the degree you choose. There is little point in choosing a subject that leads onto jobs you don’t like the sound of! Make sure you look into the most commonly chosen career paths after graduation from that subject and see whether those jobs sound like they would suit you!

Helpful resources:

Furthermore, there are many helpful resources out there to see what career path your personality is suited to. These tools are very good place to start if you really have no idea what you want to do in the future:

ASA Future Scape – This tool will show you what careers suit your personality with a fun 2-3 minute quiz! Go in with an open mind and answer honestly to see what path suits your perosnality traits!

UCAS Careers Quiz – Find your ideal job matched to your personality and a list of courses previous students studied in order to get there. Very helpful for high school students deciding their University degree.

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