Chloroplast vs. mitochondrion


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How do I navigate through the comics?

Comics are shown 3 at a time. Click “Previous” at bottom left of the last comic shown to see more OR search by topic by clicking on a topic underneath this Q&A box! Even when searching by topic, comics are still shown 3 at a time, so don’t forget to click “previous” at bottom left of the last comic shown to see all comics for that topic.

Can I use your comics in my presentation or on social media?

Our comics can be posted on websites, social media, and presentations provided they (1) are not being used for financial gain which means they cannot be placed in items that you are selling (example: they cannot be on an educational resource that you sell online or in print) and (2) are not edited in any form which includes removing our name from the comic or adding translations on the comic (some translations were granted permission by us- contact us for permission). Learn more in our terms of use.

You also have a webtoon?

Yes, it’s still pretty new! We’d love it if you’d subscribe! Here’s our Paramecium Parlor webtoon and here’s our Amoeba Sisters Sisterhood webtoon.

Are any of these comics ever animated?

You mean like a GIF? We have GIFs that are very similar to how our comics are styled! Check out our GIF page!

Can I find these comics on merchandise (like shirts, posters, mugs, etc)?

We’re so glad you asked! Our art is licensed to be on items in our Redbubble “store.” Redbubble manufactures, sells, and ships items with our art on them. We make a percent margin on each order. Thank you for your support!

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This page features Petunia’s science comics in a series called “Paramecium Parlor.” Many are from our videos or GIFs! You can also find the webtoon for Paramecium Parlor here. If you would like to purchase our comics on posters, T-shirts, mugs, etc- check out our Redbubble store!

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