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Which expression is equivalent to 9 × 9 × 9 × 9 × 9 × 9 × 9 × 9?
Which expression is equivalent to 10^4?
Find the value of the expression: 9^1
Find the value of the expression: 2/3 x 2/3 x 2/3 x 2/3
What is 4527 written in scientific notation?
4.527 x 10^3
Which of these numbers is the greatest?
1.9 x 10^5
Which number is greater than 3.14159 × 10 ?
Write the number shown in standard notation. 1.02 x 10^6
Which is the expanded form of 124,750,000?
100,000,000 + 20,000,000 + 4,000,000 + 700,000 + 50,000
What is the place value of 5 in 62,506,300,782?
Hundred Millions
Solve. 20 x 4 – 100 / 20?
Jack has a summer job caddying at a golf course. Jack earns $120 a week. By rounding his weekly income to the nearest hundred dollars, find a reasonable estimate for his total income during the 12 week summer.
Raquel works in a pet store every day after school and sometimes on weekends. She earns $5.20 per hour. If Raquel works 21 hours a week, use frontend estimation to find out about how much she will earn in four weeks.
What is 1.34 expressed as a percent?
What is the decimal equivalent of 4/5?
A survey found that 12 out of 30 people preferred bacon over sausage. According to this survey, what percent of people prefer bacon over sausage?
A 6pack carton of sport drink bottles at the local grocery store is labeled as 13.48 oz. What is the weight of the carton rounded to the nearest tenth of an ounce?
13.5 oz
Which expression represents the prime factorization of 325?
5 x 5 x 13
Which of the following statements best describes the value of the expression 12x + 2 when x = 9?
The result is a composite number.
Which of the following statements best describes the value of the expression 6x + 7 when x = 5?
The result is a prime number.

19 September 2022

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