Our centimeter to inch converter helps you to convert ‘cm to in’ quickly and accurately.

How many inches in a cm?

1cm = 0.39370079 inches, 1 cm has roughly 0.39 inches in it, which can also be written as 1\2.54.

cm to inches Formula

What is Centimeter?

A centimeter or “cm”, is a unit of length in the international system of units (SI). A centimeter is 1\100 th of a meter and is obviously smaller than an inch. It comes from a Latin word “centum”. First used in 1801, the prefix of this word “centi” shows that it is equal to one hundredth of a meter. A centimeter is roughly the width of the fingernail of an average adult. When you use a ruler, it is clearly visible that there are markings for centimeter as well as inches on each side of the ruler.

Centimeter, just like meter, is used in all sorts of applications. The cm is usually, used to measure many things in the day-to-day life including the length of the car tire or the size of your notebook. In addition to measuring length, cm has other different uses, which involve measuring the level of rainfall in an area as recorded by a rain gauge (a scientific instrument used to measure amount of liquid precipitation) and converting large distances into cm and measuring them in cm on maps and globes.

Conversion from Centimeter to Inches

Centimeter Inches
1 cm 0.39370078740157 in
2 cm 0.78740157480315 in
3 cm 1.1811023622047 in
4 cm 1.5748031496063 in
5 cm 1.9685039370079 in
6 cm 2.3622047244094 in
7 cm 2.755905511811 in
8 cm 3.1496062992126 in
9 cm 3.5433070866142 in
10 cm 3.9370078740157 in
11 cm 4.3307086614173 in
12 cm 4.7244094488189 in
13 cm 5.1181102362205 in
14 cm 5.511811023622 in
15 cm 5.9055118110236 in
16 cm 6.2992125984252 in
17 cm 6.6929133858268 in
18 cm 7.0866141732283 in
19 cm 7.4803149606299 in
20 cm 7.8740157480315 in
21 cm 8.2677165354331 in
22 cm 8.6614173228346 in
23 cm 9.0551181102362 in
24 cm 9.4488188976378 in
25 cm 9.8425196850394 in
26 cm 10.236220472441 in
27 cm 10.629921259843 in
28 cm 11.023622047244 in
29 cm 11.417322834646 in
30 cm 11.811023622047 in
31 cm 12.204724409449 in
32 cm 12.59842519685 in
33 cm 12.992125984252 in
34 cm 13.385826771654 in
35 cm 13.779527559055 in
36 cm 14.173228346457 in
37 cm 14.566929133858 in
38 cm 14.96062992126 in
39 cm 15.354330708661 in
40 cm 15.748031496063 in
41 cm 16.141732283465 in
42 cm 16.535433070866 in
43 cm 16.929133858268 in
44 cm 17.322834645669 in
45 cm 17.716535433071 in
46 cm 18.110236220472 in
47 cm 18.503937007874 in
48 cm 18.897637795276 in
49 cm 19.291338582677 in
50 cm 19.685039370079 in

Our centimeter to inch converter helps you to convert ‘cm to in’ quickly and accurately.


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