Cellular Respiration Amoeba Sisters Video Response Sheet

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Cellular Respiration Video Response Worksheet to use with the Amoeba Sisters Video on YouTube.

This resource goes with the *updated* Amoeba Sisters Cellular Respiration video (not the old video). A link and QR code is provided to the correct video so there is no confusion between you and your students.

This resource follows along with the video and asks several kinds of comprehension questions. Use this as a supplement to your notes.

In this resource you will get:

  • Student handout (2 pages) word document and PDF
  • Teacher Key word document and PDF

Cellular respiration is such a tricky topic to teach and for students to learn. I created this video worksheet to go along with the Amoeba Sister’s Cellular Respiration video- but I don’t use it in the same way I typically do.

Typically, I would put the video on and have students follow along while they fill out the worksheet. I find this is WAY TOO OVERWHELMING for most students for this challenging topic. So instead, I frequently pause the video to discuss and make sure students are getting the right information. It takes a lot longer- maybe two or more times longer to do it this way- but at least students don’t come away frustrated from the assignment.

Another way you might use this assignment is after you have given notes and discussed the assignment you could give the video/worksheet as small group work or as homework. I find that students REALLY need to pause this video to get the most out of it and giving them the ability to pause at the own pace can very helpful.

In any way you decide to use this worksheet, I am sure you will make it work best for your learners and your classroom!

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