Cell Membrane and Transport Webquest

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Cell Membrane and Cell Transport Webquest Name:

Task 1: Cell Membrane & Cell Transport Game

Complete the Cell Defense: The Plasma Membrane game on the BioMan Bio website.

Click Start a New Game. Follow the directions and answer the questions below to

complete the challenges.

Full URL: https://biomanbio.com/HTML5GamesandLabs/Cellgames/celldefensehtml5page.html

Build a Membrane Challenge

1. The cell membrane is also called a plasma membrane. What would happen to cells without a cell


2. What molecules cannot easily pass through the cell membrane?

3. What is the difference between a polar and nonpolar molecule?

4. Insert channel proteins into the cell membrane and observe. Why were substances transported up

until there were equal amounts on both side of the membrane?

5. Diffusion is a process where substances move from a higher to lower concentration. What type of

diffusion happens through a channel protein?

6. What does a cell have to do to move a substance from an area of low concentration to an area

with high concentration?

7. What is the name of the process that uses carrier proteins and ATP to transport materials against

the concentration gradient?

8. Why do cells have different membrane carbohydrates?

Diffusion Challenge

9. When has a cell reached dynamic equilibrium?

10.What is the passive movement of particles from a higher to lower concentration called?


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