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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Editable MS Word, PDF, and Google Slides all included! This cell membrane and cell transport webquest uses a short videos, an interactive, and an interactive game to teach students about the structure and function of the cell membrane and about active and passive transport. This resource makes a great introduction, review, absent student work, sub-plan, guided practice, or student-led teaching tool.

Your students will be introduced to the structure and function of the cell membrane through a short video and interactive cell membrane. Then students will learn about cell transport by watching a video and completing a simulation virtual lab. The webquest ends with two conclusion questions where students label a cell membrane and compare active transport with passive transport. Students will lead their own learning as they complete this editable, printable, and digital webquest. All non-flash modern resources are used – works beautifully on PC, Mac, iPads, Tablets, and most modern cellular devices.
⭐ Objectives:
– Describe the structure and function of the cell membrane.
– Model the components of the cell membrane that play a role in cell transport
– Describe and simulate active and passive transport

⭐ Topics:

– Structure and function of the cell membrane

– Structure and properties of phospholipids

-Channel Proteins, Carrier Proteins, Glycoproteins, and Pumps

-Passive Transport: Diffusion, Facilitated Diffusion, and Osmosis

-Active Transport: Endocytosis and Exocytosis

This activity is part of my free cell transport unit guide and lesson plan!

Student will follow clear directions to answer chunked questions as they move through the virtual activities. The student handout includes tinyURLs, long URLs, and QR Codes to help students easily reach each virtual activity to immediately begin learning and applying their new knowledge. Your students will have no confusion as they move through the activities and will be on task, having fun, and learning!

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No Adobe Flash is required! Works on all devices. Perfect for hybrid learning!

⭐ What you will receive:

– Editable Microsoft Word Version (6 Pages)

– PDF Version (Easel Friendly!)
– Google Slides Version
– Detailed Lesson Plan with standards, pacing, objectives, and more

– Answer Key

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