Cell Membrane and Cell Transport Review Worksheet/Quiz

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  1. This product is a bundle of all of my review worksheets in my full year biology curriculum. Each worksheet is 2-4 pages, and includes a variety of question formats including: Vocabulary Practice, Diagram Labeling, True/False, and Short Response. Each of these worksheets can be used as class practicPrice $31.50Original Price $45.00Save $13.50


This completely digital worksheet will provide students with a thorough review of the structure of the cell membrane and types of cellular transport! This product can be used as a class worksheet, a review sheet, or even as a quiz! It also pairs directly with my PowerPoint and Guided Notes on The Cell Membrane and Cell Transport. This 2-Page Worksheet includes the following:
Part 1: Vocabulary Review- (7 questions)
Part 2: Diagram Labeling (Cell Membrane Cross Section)
Part 3: Identifying Types of Transport (8 questions)

Part 4: Osmosis Picture Identification (3 images)

**Note: If you purchased my Cell Membrane and Cell Transport Guided Notes and PowerPoint you already have this product!
This product includes a digital version of the worksheet created in Google Docs. Included with this download is a PDF with a link to access this Google Doc. This can be easily shared with students or posted to an online classroom page.
Included in this Zip File:
1- The Cell Membrane Review Worksheet (PDF)
2-Answer Key (PDF)
3-PDF with link to the Google Docs version of the worksheet
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