This post was originally published in February 2013. I gave the printables a much needed face lift! Enjoy!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my 5 and 7 years olds are intrigued by Venn Diagrams. They love to compare everything from themselves to the birds in the front yard.

I made several Venn Diagram worksheets for my 7 year old, who is an avid reader. They were far too advanced for my 5 year old (beginning reader), so I made a few that would appeal to her more.

While she can’t read many of the words on the cut-out pieces, we go over them together and she feels success! And that’s what I’m after.

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Cats and Dogs Venn Diagram Worksheets

This set of cats and dogs Venn Diagram worksheets is just perfect for your kiddos that love animals! Even if you don’t have these animals as pets, they’re common enough that even your youngest learners can help brainstorm ways they’re alike and different!

When using this Venn Diagram worksheet, adjust it for the age of your children.

If your kiddos are younger, consider being the scribe and writing all of the answers in the correct places on the diagram. Even if you have non-readers, they can understand that you’re sorting information in the correct places.

For early elementary children, let them cut and paste the characteristics after you’ve brainstormed together.

For independent kiddos, let them complete this activity all on their own – and you decide whether they get to use the list of characteristics for help or brainstorm their own ideas.

These huge sorting circles have a ton of different Venn Diagram uses for a variety of ages!
Pattern block sorting, literature character analysis for older elementary, common factors in math, and more!

Click the image to download Cats and Dogs Venn Diagram

→ Note this download is available for personal and classroom use

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