If you like bourbon you should be no stranger to Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond. If you’re like me you’re like me and a little suspect of anything 80 proof, this bottom shelf bourbon stunner should be the perfect combo.

After hearing about Benchmark 8, the bottom shelf offering from Buffalo Trace, for a while I finally decided to try it, even if it is 80 proof. Surprised by how good it was on its own, I still felt it needed a little something. Then, on a whim I decided to mix one ounce of Benchmark 8 with one ounce of Evan Williams Bottled-in-bond. For bourbons that you can get a handle of each for $50 combined, wow. This blend is a real eye opener. Since I discovered it it has become my go to house bourbon.

Fans of Buffalo Trace bourbons will enjoy the oily mouthfeel it brings. If you like your bourbons 90 proof or higher this is an excellent way to mix two awesome bargain bourbons from two of the best finest Kentucky distilleries. And who doesn’t enjoy proofing down their 100 proof bourbon with an 80 proof bourbon!

This blend will be a real conversation starter at your next BBQ. It is affordable enough you won’t get too mad when someone mixes it with Coke. The spice from this one goes great with our Spicy Smoked Chicken Wings! Let me know if the comments what you think, or any other favorite homemade blends you enjoy!

Bottom Shelf Bourbon Stunner—Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond and Benchmark 8

Bottom Shelf Stunner



  • 1½ Oz Benchmark 8 Bourbon
  • 1½ Oz Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond


  • Pour each into a glencairn and enjoy. Feel free to pour over the rocks etc. if that’s your whiskey preference.

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