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BIOB 160 Lab 5

Photosynthesis Lab Report


In this lab, we explored photosynthesis as an extension to our lab last week on

respiration. In the prelab, we learned about starches as it relates to photosynthesis. Plants that

actively photosynthesise also produce starch. In this prelab, it was concluded that plants need

water, light, and CO2 to photosynthesize to produce oxygen. During the in-class lab, we

explored the effect of light spectra and pH on photosynthesis. Several demonstrations and

aspects were pre-set up by the teaching assistant for guided interpretation due to time constraints.

Hypothesis: What is the effect of a blue filter on the rate of photosynthesis in disks of spinach

leaves as compared to a test tube with no filter?

Prediction: The test tube with a filter will photosynthesize slower because of the light restriction.

Methods: For my experiment, my lab partner and I used a straw to puncture ten disks out of

spinach leaves. These were placed in two syringes along with water, baking soda, and soap. A

vacuum was created in these syringes to remove carbon dioxide and oxygen by placing a finger

over the tip with it straight upwards and pulling the syringe back, then releasing the vacuum

slowly. This was repeated until the disks all sank. After this, the syringe had a blue filter placed

on them and sat on their bottoms for over 20 minutes to measure how many disks floated in the

solution. The second syringe was prepared in the same way but did not have a filter placed on it.



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