joannalannister asked: Hmmm. I was just talking to radiowesteros and they’re arguing that the map scale you’re using with lyanna is too small, and you have to use the Lands of ice and fire maps, which suggest the inn at the crossroads. They also basically argue that “GRRM can’t distance” the way “GRRM can’t math”, but isn’t it a little bit … Odd for EVERYTHING to happen at the inn at the crossroads? I like the isle of faces theory bc it lets us see it all thru bran. Thoughts?

OK, you know? The Lands of Ice and Fire maps are excellent, but the locations (on the Westeros map, and others) are not to scale. As the mapmaker says (re the King’s Landing map), “the featured locations are pulled out to be many times their real size, and they dominate the map.”

I mean, if you use the Wall at 300 miles, then per the Westeros map, Harrenhal is 70 miles across. It’s a big castle, but not that big. 🙂

So I did double check with the TLOIAF maps, but I used “The West” map, which shows locations as icons, so the scale is more accurate. Here I’m using my Adobe Pro to measure the Wall (from a scanned copy of the map) and set my scale:

And now here I’m using that scale (on the same scan) to draw a radius off of Harrenhal:

(sorry, it wouldn’t let me measure at exactly 30 for some reason)

As you can see, the Isle of Faces is within the radius. And the Inn at the Crossroads is over 100 miles away.

Now, I’m not saying Rhaegar and Lyanna had to have met at the Isle of Faces. They could have met anywhere along that 30 mile radius. But I do think it’s interesting that the Isle of Faces is within the radius, and I am certain that the Isle is going to play a role in the story eventually. So it’s an interesting coincidence that may eventually be relevant, especially because of the weirwoods on the Isle and Bran’s ability to see visions of the past through weirwoods.

But the Inn at the Crossroads is way too far away, sorry.

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