Barron’s Digital SAT Practice Questions 2024

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ISBN: 9781506291086
Grades: 10-12

Product Description:

When you’re studying for the SAT, you want the most up-to-date guide available. This one is completely revised and reflects all of the new question types for the 2021-2022 SAT. Students will greatly benefit from the timely advice, helpful strategies and tips, example questions reflective of the actual exams, and full length practice SAT exams found in the book and in an interactive online format.

The first section of the book familiarizes students with the test. These chapters outline each part of the exam and the types of questions you will encounter. This section also provides future SAT takers with “winning tactics for the SAT” including advice on setting goals, pacing yourself, guessing, and simple techniques to apply when taking the test.

In the second unit, you will find a diagnostic SAT designed to helps students identify the core areas that need improvement before taking the actual test. Following this mock-SAT test are answers, directions for calculating your raw score on each section, and fully explained answers for each question.

The third section delves into the SAT Reading test. These chapters cover each kind of question asked and the skills needed to successfully work through each part of the SAT. The evidence based reading chapters offers an overview of the test, testing tactics, examples, and plenty of practice questions and answers. Also included are reading challenges, critical reading questions, and a selected reading list divided into four sections: US and World literature, Science, Social Studies and U.S. Founding. The final chapter of this section focuses on vocabulary, which is essential for understanding and correctly answering the reading questions. This chapter holds practical ways to increase your vocabulary and a master list of common words used in uncommon ways, with every word. Interactive Vocabulary flashcards are available online.

The next section focuses on the SAT Writing and Language test. This section provides an overview of the test, reviews key grammar and graph analysis skills, offers test strategies, examples with explanations and in-depth practice questions and passages.

The last component of the SAT is mathematics. The first chapter provides tactics for success, helpful hints, using the number grids, calculator use and various practice exercises. The second chapter offers a detailed review of the math concepts covered on the test and practice in each specific area. The format of these chapters allows students to see which areas they need to review so they can focus on those topics.

The remaining chapters, which comprise the final unit of this guide, hold four model tests complete with answer keys, self-evaluations, and answer explanations, for practice, practice, and more practice. Additional full length tests are available online which include answers, explanations, and automatic scoring. ~ Steph/Deanne

Publisher Description:

Barron’s 7 SAT Practice Tests: 2023 includes an overview of the Reading, Writing, and Math sections on the SAT plus all the practice you need. This edition also includes the most up-to-date information on the new digital exam.

Barron's Digital SAT Practice Questions 2024


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