Flight Academy ? University Or College, What do you really need !?!
Flight Academy ? University Or College, What do you really need !?!

Aviation Degrees

Hesston College Aviation advocates the joy of flight. We teach and model the skills, principles and attitudes of safe, responsible, thoughtful airmanship. We live and work within a community of faith pursuing the college’s mission.


Hesston College has several endowed scholarship to assist aviation students. In addition, students may apply for assistance from a variety of other organizations that also offer scholarships.


Hesston College is an official SkyWest Airlines Partner School, offering students from Hesston’s aviation program a more streamlined and efficient pathway to transition into a flying career at SkyWest through the Pilot Pathway Program. SkyWest Airlines is a passenger airline company that operates in partnership with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Available Courses

  • Avia101 Introduction to Aviation 3 hours
  • Avia103/104 Private Pilot I/II 2 + 2 hours
  • Avia106 Airspace and Air Traffic Control 1 hour
  • Avia107 Private Pilot Transition 2 hours
  • Avia121 Meteorology 3 hours
  • Avia130 Introduction to Professional Aviation 1 hour
  • Avia161 Aviation Regulations 2 hours
  • Avia205 Aircraft Systems 3 hours
  • Avia206 Aerodynamics and Aircraft Performance 2 hours
  • Avia215 Air Traffic Basics 3 hours
  • Avia220/221 Instrument Flight I/II 1 + 2 hours
  • Avia222 Instrument Rating Principles 3 hours
  • Avia229 Commercial Pilot Principles 3 hours
  • Avia230/231 Commercial Flight I/II 3 + 2 hours
  • Avia254 Human Factors 2 hours
  • Avia281 Aviation Safety 3 hours
  • Avia305 Advanced Aircraft Systems 3 hours
  • Avia316 Advanced Aircraft Performance 3 hours
  • Avia321 Aviation Weather 3 hours
  • Avia325 Mountain Flying 1 hour
  • Avia331 Multiengine Ground School 1 hour
  • Avia332 Airplane Multiengine Land 1 hour
  • Avia336 Flight Instructor Ground School 4 hours
  • Avia340 Flight Instructor Airplane 2 hours
  • Avia341 Flight Instructor Airplane – Instrument 1 hour
  • Avia406 National Airspace System 3 hours
  • Avia432 Multiengine Experience 1 to 3 hours
  • Avia451 Crew Resource Management 4 hours
  • Avia461 Aviation Law 3 hours
  • Avia470 Flight Instructor – Multiengine 1 hour
  • Avia481 Safety Management 3 hours
  • Avia485 Professional Internship 1 to 6 hours

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