Georgia’s automotive companies gain a competitive advantage from a prime location, extensive infrastructure for easy access to market, a highly-skilled workforce, and a recognized business-friendly climate. For over a century, Georgia has fostered healthy industry practices, encouraged collaboration and innovation, and positioned the state as a leader in developing and harnessing emerging technologies for the evolving automotive and mobility industry.

Electric Vehicle

EV Manufacturing

As automotive manufacturers evolve to meet demand for electric vehicles, Georgia is developing opportunities to attract new vehicle manufacturers and suppliers across the supply chain while supporting existing companies. Rivian recently announced a $5 billion investment in a facility to produce its electric trucks, continuing on the momentum started by SK Innovation. Read more about the rapid expansion of the EV sector in Georgia.

Automotive Companies in Georgia

Georgia has been an established automotive manufacturing center since 1909, when the first automobile was assembled in the state. Throughout the past hundred years, leading automotive companies have consistently chosen Georgia as their home for manufacturing, assembly, headquarters, and innovation centers.

Central Supplier Location for the Automotive Industry

Georgia’s location in the center of the southeastern United States provides close proximity to a diverse group of manufacturers within a 300 mile radius. Our extensive and seamlessly connected systems of ports, trains, and interstates allows for quick deliveries to customers. Click to read more about our infrastructure.

Workforce Advantages

Ranked the 8th largest state in the United States, Georgia is the fastest-growing state in the Southeast, with a labor force of 5.3 million people. A right-to-work state, only 4.7% of private company workers are unionized, well below the national average.

In addition to leading universities and a statewide technical college system, Georgia has the #1 ranked workforce training program. Georgia Quick Start, the most advanced program of its kind, provides customized, comprehensive workforce solutions free of charge to qualifying new and expanding automotive companies in Georgia.

employee using equipment

Emerging Technology and Innovation

Georgia fosters collaboration and innovation by creating partnerships across businesses, nonprofits, universities, and government entities. These efforts have resulted in living laboratories – Curiosity Lab and The Ray – that develop, test, and scale next generation technologies for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Georgia’s strength in engineering, technology, and cybersecurity also make the state an ideal hub for innovation centers for a variety of industry leaders. Examples of Georgia’s automotive innovators includes:

AT&T Drive Novelis
GM IT Innovation Center Panasonic Automotive
Heliox Verizon Connect

Curiosity Lab Bus Launch

The Ray, an 18-mile stretch of I-85, will soon serve as a testing ground for new technologies focusing on transportation, safety and energy generation. Georgia Department of Economic Development was instrumental in creating a partnership with the Centers of Innovation for Energy Technology, GDOT, and the Ray C Anderson Foundation.

The Ray Executive Director Allie Kelly sums up why The Ray is such an exciting project for the State of Georgia.

“Every day you read another news article about autonomous cars or the future of transportation and flying around in your own helicopter taxi, but what The Ray is doing is it’s making those future concepts and technologies real today in a working environment.”

On December 16, 2021, Governor Brian Kemp announced that electric adventure vehicle manufacturer Rivian Inc. would expand its manufacturing operations with a second U.S. plant in the State of Georgia. The company will invest $5 billion in a carbon-conscious campus in Georgia.

Automotive Companies ChooseOutside Porche HQ Georgia for Headquarters

Georgia’s competitive business environment and access to global markets also attracts worldwide headquarters including:

Georgia Automotive Awards

Georgia is a premier destination for automotive manufacturers and the technology companies that are developing the transportation system of the future. The industry contributes $3 billion to the State’s economy. The Georgia Automotive Awards were developed to elevate the industry’s profile, recognize individual companies for their contributions, and celebrate the industry’s collective accomplishments. Visit the Automotive Awards page for additional information and a look at previous winners.

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