Atomic Heart’s Polygon Testing Grounds combine many game mechanics to create a puzzling challenge. There are many Testing Grounds to discover and complete, each providing rare loot. This includes Testing Grounds 10, which may leave you wondering how to enter Polygon Testing Grounds 10 and complete it in Atomic Heart.

How to complete Testing Grounds 10 in Atomic Heart

Before entering, you must open the entrance to Polygon Testing Grounds 10 in Atomic Heart. Next to the Testing Grounds is a farmhouse. Climb onto the roof using the cart to find a device. This allows you to hack into the camera system. Use this to raise an elevator in the pig sty by looking at the pig sty and hitting the prompt. The elevator leads to Polygon Testing Grounds 10. Here is where to find these locations.

You will need to use the Polymer Jet ability to connect the Shok device and the door. Shok the gel and quickly jump through the door once it opens. This takes you to a new room with power orbs, power slots, and magnets on the ceiling. Move the power orb into the ceiling slot and Shok the magnets. This will give you a second power orb.

Place both orbs in the slots above the door. Press the red button and go through the door. Eventually, you will find yourself in a new chamber with more orbs, slots, and magnets. Place the power orb in the slot on the ceiling on the right. Shok the right-side magnets to create a platform.

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Remove the orb and place it on the left-side ceiling slot. Shok the left-side magnets. Remove the orb and place it back in the right-side ceiling slot. Jump across and Shok the right-side magnets while standing on the red magnet platform. Grab the orb that you raised by walking across the upper platform. Throw it across the pit to the other side and make your way there. Place both orbs into the slots above the door and push the button.

Go through the door and down the stairs to find your first chest. Open it to claim the Kalash-Extended Magazine. Continue to find a door and two shock devices. Connect the devices with the Polymer Jet and Shok the connection. Quickly move through both doors when they open.

Go through the left door to save, craft, and upgrade, or continue through the door straight ahead. Climb up the containers and enter the room to spawn enemies. Defeat them all. Go upstairs and climb across using the yellow handholds. Enter the tunnel and drop into a new room. To the left is the next chest containing the PM-Collimator.

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Go through the door to the right of the tunnel. You must use the ceiling magnets to manipulate the platforms and get across. A button in the middle left must be pressed to open the door. Use Shok to activate the magnets and make your way across.

After solving the platforming challenge, go through the door and enter the room on the right to claim the final chest and the Fat Boy-Mine Rocket and Dominator-Coil. Then, take the elevator and leave the testing grounds.

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